Lose the weight, not your Mind

Okay so you’ve been called fat, plump, been compared to a rhinoceros etc and you’re done and through with all those people mocking you and making fun of you. No I don’t intend to advertise slim sauna belt or anything over here. All I’m trying to say is that I get how you feel. I for one, take things very personally and handling criticism isn’t one of my strengths to be very honest. But let me tell you, there’s no reason you should allow someone to make you feel like incompetent or not good enough. You’re pretty damn great exactly the way you are, and you should have no doubts about that whatsoever. If you want to lose all that extra weight on your body to please someone or get rid of all these remarks for once, its not going to happen. I don’t understand why someone should be uncomfortable in their own skin because of how people see them. You’re not morally obligated to be a size zero for someone who is unlikely to make any difference to your life in the near future. Whenever you decide to make even the slightest change in your life, its absolutely essential that you have a good reason behind it. And as insignificant as it may sound, making any changes in your body genuinely makes a substantial difference, not only in your appearance but also how you look at yourself.


As much as I emphasize on the fact that the opinions of all those around you are irrelevant, its very important that your conscience approves of your body and your appearance. You cannot possibly go through the day thinking that you don’t look good and you probably can’t. I don’t believe that you can settle with that and be happy. There’s no sense of satisfaction that you get from settling for something because it’s a compromise and not something you do willingly. If you wake up every morning and stand in front of mirror cursing god and your genes and all the yummy food in the world for the way you look, its about time you lost all those extra pounds.
About dieting, now people have different perceptions about dieting, which mostly implies starving yourself. Are you even considering the long term picture here? Obviously not. You cannot starve yourself forever. You need food and eventually you’ll eat. More like you’ll hog because you’ll be so hungry all the time. And you’ll put on everything you lost in less than half the time you took to lose all that weight, and believe me, you’ll never be motivated enough to do that again. You can probably keep a check on the amount of junk you have but that’s about it. Be realistic about the goals you’re setting and don’t lose hope.

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Now I’m no dietician or gym trainer so I cannot render any further information about how you’re supposed to go about losing weight. But its very important to remember that there’s a lot more to a person that how they look. Your looks do NOT define you, or what you’re capable of. And anyone who judges you solely on that basis is too shallow for you to even consider their opinion. Some of the most popular actors in the film industry are not particularly good looking or have the best bods, And I actually love how bollywood has begun to welcome good potential with open arms, especially in the case of women, ignoring their body structure and focussing more on their talent and acting abilities. You’re born with a body that you’re supposed to look after and that’s wholly solely for yourself. The day you begin to feel comfortable in your own skin, you’ll be at peace wherever you go. You’re supposed to be more than a visual treat for the by passers, you’re a person with view points, with rights and responsibilities, with aspirations, and you’re yet to face the complexities of life and learn to deal with them. Being overweight should be the least of your worries really. There’s so much to learn and explore yet and for you to actually get some clarity in your vision, you need to step outside the narrow mindset of the society and its ideals and expectations.


You should give the world a better reason to like you. The controllable element of your looks is relatively small. But what you make out of yourself is a matter entirely in your hands. If all the successful people in the world had spent their time counting calories, I highly doubt they would’ve gotten anywhere close to where they are right now. It would be incorrect to say that looks make no difference to anyone whatsoever, of course they do. But the relative importance to attach to them is the key here. Wouldn’t you be rather known by what you do instead of how you look? Or do you want to be another forgotten pretty face in the crowd? It’s a choice you have to make. Because when you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ll identify yourself with one of the two; a person with weight issues or a person of substance. That’s the choice you make today.

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