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The love for writing and expressing myself as and when I want; I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity, when I realized that using this platform, I could do just that. I sat racking my brains as to what to jot down, with perhaps a gazillion ideas swimming around in my head, when it finally hit me. Food.  What better topic than that. Even saying that one little word makes me smile as I think of all those scrumptious dishes whizzing right in front of my eyes as I sink into sweet oblivion. If food is something that gets you extremely excited, if you just cannot stop yourself from opening that fridge door again and again hoping for something to magically appear each time, if you can’t stop watching all those tantalizing food shows on the Travel and Living Channel, then you and I are very alike my friend. We are, what I proudly call, Foodies at heart.

“People who love to eat, are the best people.” Julia Child

A quote I have lived by all my life till now. In fact, I’m eating some amazing Honey Chili Chicken covered with sesame seeds at this very moment. With the taste of that sweet honey and the chilli tantalizing my tongue, I am thinking what I might have for dinner. That’s exactly how a foodie’s brain works. The thought of food just doesn’t leave you; and if you’re a non-vegetarian, oh my god you just can’t get the picture of that hot, soft, chicken out of your head, and as your brain quickly shifts you to the well-cooked mutton, you feel yourself being transported to heaven! I know I base all my decisions according to food. It always comes first for me. After all, food is a basic necessity of life right?

Silhouette of cheese burger and summer garden vegetables  Shawarma

Think about it. How mundane life would be if we didn’t have all those options of the various cuisines of the world. Imagine a time without the spices of those amazing shawarmas giving you that high; or the tangy, spicy Chinese food; and you simply cannot leave the famous hamburgers, fries, cheese dripping down your fingers as you lick them away to glory. I can feel my stomach growling right about now. All I can think of is that amazing beef steak I might get to have tonight, or barbeque chicken wings, ooh what about pork ribs? I think I am salivating right about now. You see what I mean? Food. It’s always on our minds. And it’s a good thing too. If you love food, all sorts of food from Baklavah to pastas to steaks to sizzlers to Lebanese to French food to the..aaahh I can go on and on and on, you will always love life. It just never stops, and believe me it never should. I don’t think I would know how to live life as who I am today if food wasn’t what it is today.

Thanks to globalization, you can get everything everywhere. The Mexican tacos and quesadillas can be found in northern India in Punjab, and the south Indian delicacies from their dosas to their Malabar cuisine can be found all the way in the States. Talking of indian food, how can I forget the hot chilli and spices added to all our various cuisines from the kasmiri goshtabas in the north to the Malabar food in the south, from the Laal Maas (red meat) and daal bhaati churma in the west to the Tibetan cuisine of the east, every single thing can make your head spin (in a good way) as you keep wanting more.

This is how a foodie’s brain functions. You want to finish your assignment? Let’s do it over lunch, nothing to heavy else you’ll feel drowsy. Maybe something light yet filling like steaks? That should do the job. Maybe you want to go on a date. First date. Nothing to make you feel like a glut but still filling and satisfying. How about some Mexican? It’s fun to eat, always an amazing conversation starter and you’ll probably end up making a good memory out of it. Need to go out on official business? You can never go wrong with Italian. The soups, pastas and that ravioli, mammamia, you’ll have a win on your hands for sure. See how thinking of food is important? It’s an important aspect that many look over but really shouldn’t neglect. The right kind of food will always get the job done. The right food with the right drink, then I promise you, you will be in heaven.

desserts  o-INDAIN-SWEETS-JALEBI-facebook

Desserts! How can I forget dessert? The sinful chocolates to the cakes to the tiramisus to the gulab jamuns, jalebis to ice cream sundaes to whipped cream to puddings to cheesecakes to pies to crumbles, every single dessert on this planet will make you indulge guilt free (hopefully) as you take that one last bite again and again. I can actually go on and on about food. It’s something that always makes me happy and feel so light. I don’t worry about the various diets, as long as I have good food, I’ll always be fine, content and satisfied with life. Nothing else can lift your spirits like food does.  Atleast that’s the case for me; and though most of you will hate to admit it, I bet it’s the same case with you.

Anyway, I finally decided on my dinner for tonight. Starting with grilled prawns in barbeque sauce to a stuffed chicken breast with creamy mashed potato and boiled greens, I’m going to end it with a fluffy and light blueberry cheesecake. Sounds divine doesn’t it? You can make it the same case for yourself. Just put a little more thought into your food agenda for today and enjoy your evening the way you deserve it: with complete satisfaction.

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