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They say turn your hobby into your job and you will never have to work a day in your life. True. When you enjoy what you are doing at work then life does seem to become easy as you are not really working but just getting paid for doing what you love. You are passionate about your job, feel happy doing it and along with it also get paid for it, now what can be better than that. But what they probably don’t tell you is that sometimes a hobby is meant to be done just as a hobby. It’s undoubtedly a great thing to choose a career in the field we are most passionate about. We cater a genuine interest to learn new things and work on them in our particular field of interest. And yeah, I will be more than happy to write to earn a living instead of working in a corporate office for long hours doing dull and boring work. But at times hobbies shall be all play and no work.

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Every once in a while we need to indulge in our hidden passions just to feel good about ourselves, to gain contentment and not a salary. While doing something you love as a job there are a lot of complexities added to it which weren’t there when you were doing it just for fun. Or if you have got the spark inside you ignited and are going strong with your business ideas then you put in all your efforts to make it successful. To reach where you always wanted to and use your talents and avocations for it. But somewhere along the line, even though you have acquired a multi-millionaire status and an enviable reputation, you tend to figure out what you are doing you are not really enjoying it anymore. The thing which was just used to be a pastime and a recreational activity for you, after turning it into a job or a business, it has just stopped being fun. Do you know why? Because,

Sometimes Less is more

How frequently do we manage out time to do something we really like? Paint a landscape, play basketball, read a bulky book or bake a cake? Not frequent enough right, at least not 8-12 hours a day? But the happiness we derive from doing such a thing is directly proportional to the time we have done it after. I happen to bake like once in a couple of months. And yeah I feel good while doing that. But if I start a bakery and I am forced to spend hours at stretch covered in flour and beating dough then it won’t remain real fun.

It invites pressure and expectations

When you have a hobby, no one is pressuring you to do better or expecting you to deliver your work in a particular time limit. But after turning it into a full time job, there are now huge expectations you got to live up to and deadlines you have to meet. Now there is an immense pressure to please your bosses and to impress your colleagues, to perform better than everyone else and get in the good books and a hobby doesn’t have to be like that. It should be more about pleasing yourself than your peers and authorities. And when you do it just for fun it is exactly that, pleasing and enjoying yourself.

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We all have a few activities and fads that we love indulging in in our leisure times. They can begreat stress relievers for us or can even be a medium of expression. We love doing them when we have lots of spare time or we need to divert our focus from other things. For me it’s usually painting or sketching. And there is a weird thing that I have noticed about it. Whenever I am asked to draw something purposely, it can be either in a competition or as favour for helping somebody else, I am not really able to furnish the best results. Ask me to draw some particular scenery till tomorrow and I just cannot do that. But when I feel an urge to draw something from inside my heart and when I am doing it just for fun, it doesn’t only makes me happy but I also end up feeling more satisfied with my artwork. That’s why I prefer keeping it just as a hobby.

At times we also often happen to feel a little guilty while “wasting” our time doing something ridiculously “unproductive”.  But you know “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”. Sometimes you have to do things just because you like doing them not because you are getting anything in return.

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So whenever you feel like you miss doing something you used to do earlier then don’t shy away from doing it again.  If it makes you happy then there is no other reason required. So do what you love and do it for fun! Because life doesn’t have to make sense all the time, sometimes you just got to have some fun!

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