When you love Yourself, why do you hate Selfies?

After the controversial click of Mr. Obama and renowned celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus etc  we are aware of this term called “Selfie”. According to Wikipedia it is a self portrait (picture) of oneself. There are many stories related with the epic term of 2013.  Many of us had criticized it and a lot of us had appreciated it too. Michigan University has listed it’s 2013 most annoying words(yearly basis) and selfie is amongst the top ones. Not to ignore its laurels-it is named as word of the year 2013 by Oxford Dictionary’s .So here is why I love being a selfie and call myself a proud selfie.


According to me and my examination when I capture my moment in a camera, it is saved as reminiscence. There are also instant’s in lives when we don’t want anyone but secluded time with ourselves specifically. This is the paramount instance to imprison your portrait and that meticulous appearance. So if we take a flash-back of that photograph we actually feel unique and prized. Selfies are often criticized as flaunts and brandish , however I would clear that delusion that we are neither boastful nor show-off’s ,we adore treasuring our moments and keep them for life-long.

I hit my first selfie picture when I got my first Job and wanted to confine that particular minute with my call letter. That was an incredible sensation . Felt so good after seeing that picture of mine and that Kodak Moment. It still drives me down the lane of nostalgia as I see that click of mine with my success.

Why to depend on somebody else to imprison your minute? We have to be grateful to Android phones with whom we can take picture anytime, any moment with that sweet expression of ours. I had observed sometime that whenever I used to ask my friends to click my expensive moments they would not understand it everytime. Hence, I became a die-hard selfie from that split of second and in spite of bothering others to arrest my moment I self-clicked my pictures and own it from top to bottom. There is an immense sagacity of joy and pleasure whenever you see your old picture.

Once I attended a birth day party of my acquaintance and the first picture clicked by the mother of the child was two of them together and too self clicked i.e. selfie. I asked that female that why did not you asked one of us to capture your picture with proper dimensions and background? Very patiently she answered me that, when my son grows up I want him to see that I have always been an independent mother and want you to become the same. I was really proud of her and this statement encouraged me that being a selfie necessarily doesn’t means show-off instead a sign of self-sufficient and free minded.

I envisage sometimes that what if Neil Armstrong had an Android phone at the time he landed on moon, he could have clicked his own pictures with all those footprints and holding Americas flag high. I am sure if you guys are reading this paragraph you would agree on the same note. He could have conserved those pictures and later give to the regime to present his much more recommendable mark in the history.

We are born to love ourselves and make our existence and charisma noticeable in our respective trade of interest. So being a selfie is nothing different from being yourself and being yourself is not awful? Is it my friends? Personally we are two best friends and damn selfie. We click many selfie pictures in spite of the fact that we can click each other’ picture individually too. Do you know the raison d’être? It is for the reason that we want to witness what is beautiful in us and then discuss that what is not and how it can be improved .For this reason I am a selfie .In this way I can progress my fallacy and make myself more presentable to inculcate a sense of confidence and high spirit in my ethics. In the long run it will heighten me individually as well professionally and will help me to reach the stars.


In my opinion feel these selfie clicks are cute and adoring. Whenever I go to try some novel asset and if nobody’s around me, I click a selfie picture and send it to my friends and family. In this way they assist me to opt for that particular asset and clear my qualm regarding what is good or dreadful. Likewise whenever I miss my family or any other acquaintance I ask them to click a selfie picture and send it to me. Believe me friends you just hit the right nail when you see pictures of your close people. Selfie has so many advantages, why to hate it? Love it because it is circumscribed by you and you should always love and appreciate yourself.

For all those pet lovers who just have their pets in their lives, selfie is literally a fortunate thing for you. You could click a picture of yours and your pet together and capture that charismatic moment. Would it be possible every hour for you, to call someone to click your and pet’s picture together? Moment should be captured as soon as it is created. It becomes prized at that split of second and becomes lifeless if you capture your look (fake) particularly later after that glee minute. So why to hate this term Selfie when it gives you such joy! Love yourself for what you are and spread happiness all around.

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