For Love Of Hope: Miracles Happen, Things Change


For the remorse of the summer heat, there is rain….for the respite from the heavy rains there is winter….for the body shackling cold there is always summer….the thing is that during times of distress there is always an antibody present that provides you with the finest category of medicinal property that would help you get out of the deepest of distressing situations. And in this world that advantage is with the feeling called, ‘Hope’.

Hope is something that provides you with the desire to look into the brighter side of the world. If there is darkness around then there is light too. If there are mountains in the world then there are plains too. If there are desert around then there is a mirage too. Life isn’t unpleasant always….and it isn’t full of people showcasing betrayal and untrustworthy behavior. Sometimes it is about experiencing the worst elements to get closer to the humane ones, the ones that are built out with compassion and humility that is the sole demand of your heart. Like in comic books there are superheroes…and in all the movies there is that helpful hero who gets the damsel-in-distress out of her mess…we all have that hero inside of us. The thing is that it might have been enclosed in a cage inside of you because of the torments of the world. In the journey of your life there might be a demand for perfection, hard-work, and working continuously and there might be turmoil of emotions like betrayal, love, trust, friendship and other things that might make your mind to just blast.

The magic of Hope is in the fact that it is an opportunity to enhance the inner beauty of you. It tends to provide you with the fact that you need not just see the negative side of the world. It is not only about obnoxious, antagonistic, and harsh in their nature kind of people around….there is also inadvertently people who are helpful, warm-hearted and not malicious in their nature and behavior. There are always two sides of the coin and you even during the harsh times must see the side that has HOPE written on it. The wealth of Hope always gets accrued as a result of careful assessment of your life and its positive virtues.

Sometimes you might be thinking or more of wanting things to happen your way. The dialogues can be more of “I want this to happen” or more of that “I just wish that I could get this thing to get done in this way”. It all directs you to the place called Hope. Your imagination conveys out the message and it is always about hoping for the best to happen. It is all about looking at things in the way that your heart wants it to see. It is about making the promises to God and trying your best to turn them into the truth. Hope works out as the positive mediator in between who makes you see the thing in the light rather than letting you in the dark. It is about giving you a hand in a fight and being your companion. It is always not about fighting alone and sometimes you need a comrade-in-arms….Hope is that comrade for you who is always with you. You just need to see it in the way that it helps you out through the darkness…it is the light that would showcase you the way towards the heaven that you have always dreamt of to live in.

It is a sad feeling that most of the people just don’t understand that even mere imagination is what can be used to control the things that are happening around. They see themselves as failing and they see themselves as broken. The vision that you see for yourself is what you tend to become. Just accumulate the inner strength inside of you….have confidence in you….this isn’t the end for your life or it isn’t an end of your happiness or your trials. Chances are always second last and Hope is always there even if it is last. Imbibe the fact inside of you and don’t ever let go of your hand. If today you are happy then it isn’t stable and you might be in sorrow afterwards and if you are in the dark alley today then do not worry because the thing of joy is out there waiting for you. As they say that time and tide wait for none and in the same way, life also does not wait for things to happen. It changes and it depends upon your heart and your soul how much it tends to change. The thing that you got to do is to be what you are and remain as you always were.

The beauty of a person is in the way they tend to behave even in the most distressed situations. It is only by working towards a golden future that you could have the heaven brought down on earth. The light called Hope is always there with you and you need to hold onto it tight….it is only the Hope for a bright future that can help you through the vast degrees of ordeals and turn you into a Hero for yourself and the people around you.


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