Love and Humanity

Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by the heart. Love is always true. There nothing to differentiate love into true love and cheating love. Everyone who fall in love are true to their love. Situations may seperate the people in love but that period of time is not forever. People in love will always be together in their heart, in their thoughts, in their life.
Love is not only the attraction between a young guy and a young girl. Love is common for all ages. Affection between a mom and son is love affection between two brothers is love affection and care between a father and daughter is also love. Affection between eldest couple of a family is also love. Only the method of expressing their love differs but love is always love.
The word love can be defined differently at different situations. Does love involes only trust? The answer is absolutely no. Love is all about trust, affection, expectation, help, care, kindness, simplicity, spending time and lot more. A simple word love has the capacity to put us into hours of deep thinking.
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When love takes so many forms then why there is existence of inhumanity? why does people walk away even after seeing someone suffering? When there is love eventually humanity is alive. The only reason for inhumanity is people see for who is suffering before giving their hands. This feel is named as consciousness. Humans doesn’t want to get into trouble because of their humanity. Selfishness comes into play here. Personal security is ensured before lending their helping hands.
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If you find your mom suddenly unconscious in a mid day will you leave her as such? Your emotions and love towards her will make you run to hold her. You doesn’t want her to get hurt in anyway. You will be ready to do any thing for her. At that time you ll not think about your own safety. You will not think about your busy schedule. You will not worry about your belongings. Your only aim will be to safeguard her and take her to hospital as soon as possible. If a unknown elder women experiences the same then why are we not reacting in the same manner? Will you run to hold her? At that time we ll think about our surroundings our safety and our busy schedule. If we can spare some time for our mother then why can’t we do the same for an unknown person who is in need of help?
Helping your mother is not humanity, it is out of love it’s because you are brought up by her and so you care for her in return. Lending hands for unknown people is only humanity. Caring for needy unknown people is only humanity. How manyof us are ready ro sacrifice our one month salary or pocket money to fetch a poor family? Here selfishness stands in the first place. Even if we are capable of doing this we are not ready to do. Luxurious life stands in our path making us to hold our hands back even when we see people who suffer for their basic needs.
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Where does humanity go? How did humans became selfish? When does all this start? Technological developments or changes in living style is the reason behind all this? Let us sit back and think. Humanity is important or living style is important? Will we suffer a lot if we sacrifice our luxury life for humanity? Beyond all this there is an most important question. If we don’t help others today who will help us when we are in trouble? Our luxury will not help us when we need a person to give their shoulders for us.
People around us should have true affection on us only then they will help us in our hard times. To have people like this around us we should behave like humans. We should express humanity. We should help them at their hard times. Even if they hesitate to ask for help we should come forward by ourself. This attitude will reveal you are a human. Nothing else is going to prove it. If we need real friends for us then this is how we should live.
Helping needy people without expecting anything in return from them will only give you inner peace. How much ever we earn peace is necessary for a happy life. Without peace its waste of living. A person without humanity and love is a burden for this earth. Let us spread humanity and lead a happy peaceful and satisfied life.

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