Because Love isn’t all Sunshines and Rainbows

“No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.”


I’m again back to the favorite of my favorite topics – Love! Yes I’m a die-hard romantic and I go crazy by the idea of love but I’m not the only one and there is for sure an abundance of people like me. Being in a relationship and having somebody all for yourself is truly amazing but often we also get to see one rather ugly side of this love. In fact just a couple of days ago I was encountered by such an incident which should not have but made me burst into laughter along with a bunch of other people who were all laughing in sync. While traveling to college in metro there was a girl in the same coach as mine who was talking to her boyfriend over the phone. Well talking is an understatement as she was literally screaming over the phone for some 20 minutes. As much as I pity the poor boyfriend who might not even have been on fault (He didn’t reply to her texts for an hour! Ghosh such a crime!), I salute him for tolerating his girlfriend’s annoying screaming without hanging up the phone. The picture over here sounds familiar isn’t it?

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How often do we see couples arguing and fighting with each other or going through some really rough patches of a relationship? Well I see it pretty often since I stay surrounded by a lot of committed people. Every time you are hanging out in a mall you get to see at least one such couple who are busy squabbling over something. But is this how a relationship is meant to be? That’s a tough one. If a relationship is all about disagreements and clashes and it is giving you more reasons to be depressed then giving you the reasons to joy then certainly there is something wrong with it. But if you expect your relationship to be completely emancipated from bickering and clashes then there is something wrong with you.

A loving and understanding relationship doesn’t mean that the two people involved never fight with each other or there are no misunderstandings ever between them. But it’s more about how quickly and rationally they can resolve those fights and clear those misunderstandings to get back together. I love my boyfriend too much but hell we fight a lot! But I guess what matters is to get over those pity issues and look at the bigger picture which is also the brighter one. It’s valuing the person more than valuing your argument and your ego.

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Many a times my friends complain about how they ended up fighting with their girlfriend or boyfriend even when they din’t want to. But sometimes you can’t really help it as none of you is at fault but the situations and the circumstances tend to create problems for your relationship. In such a situation I advise them to keep themselves in each other’s shoes and think from the other person’s perspective. While I get angry over how my guy din’t care to call me before going for an all day long match he keeps telling me that he couldn’t get the time to do so. In such a situation if I keep myself in his position then it helps me to understand that he actually must have not got time otherwise he would have informed before getting lost for a day. And after thinking for a moment from my perspective he gets an idea about how worried I would have been when I called him for at least a dozen times and all the calls went unanswered. Don’t know about rest of you guys but I think this change in perspective thing works pretty well for me.

To make a relationship work you do not need to stay entirely away from disagreements as sometimes talking about them helps in overcoming them as well. But the thing you need the most is love and true love. And along with it a willingness to make it work, to let go of each other’s small mistakes and focus on the good parts about your relationship and celebrate them.

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Love is never perfect and it doesn’t even need to be. All it needs to be is true and unconditional. Don’t emphasize too much on avoiding the fights and dodging confrontations. And never give up on love just because it isn’t all sunshine.

love isnt all sunshines

Entering in a relationship while expecting it to have only happy times is stupid. No relationship is all sun shines and rainbows. There are times of hardships and storms which need to be tackled with strength. And that strength can be derived from love and togetherness. The secret to getting over the bumpy patches on your boulevard of love is by staying together and working as one unit. Sharing one umbrella and sticking by each other to get through what all life keeps throwing at you and all the storms that may come your way. As love is togetherness and staying by each other’s side through it all.

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