Love is Just a Word

Love is eternal. Love transcends across all boundaries and gives a silent knock at the doors of the heart. Love never goes unnoticed nor can it be hidden from the world. Love is the ultimate gift of god; the ultimate blessing. However, we often complain that love has always passed us by. We are never able to recognize our true love and we tend to love in a utopian world filled with our fantasies of love shared and received. We, perhaps never understand the true meaning of love. In order to hear, feel, breathe and see love, you must first allow love to approach with all its tenderness and tranquility. Love is not ruled by our will or by what we do. It does not come with money, desire or class. You cannot seduce love through submission, power, beauty, tears or even smiles. Love is innocent and pure. It knows no such boundaries of discrimination. When it does draw near, you must accept it without any fear. All lovers refuse to accept love in its pure form. They seek love which is not real. They seek love which changes with time. They seek love which depends on their financial status. This love is fake and ephemeral. It does not last long.

True love is the love that seduces and will never allow itself to be seduced. Contradictions are what make love grow. Conflicts are what allow love to remain by our side. Life is too short for us to keep love locked in our hearts. You must say those three important words, “I Love You” whenever you feel like saying it. Feelings are not to be kept inside. Give an outlet to your feelings. Love grows when expressed confidently. Our great goal in life is to love. Nothing in the universe sustains without love be it the plants, insects, animals or humans. Love is an essential requirement of one and all. We need to love, even when it leads us to the land of secrets, mysteries and tears. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It is true that love makes us cry at times, it seems to crush everything but the only way to resist that feeling of loneliness is to keep on loving. Tears continue to flow at times; however, if we remain open to the presence of love suddenly those valleys of sorrow vanish. Our life no longer remains a walk down the alley of sorrows instead it becomes a bounty of joys and ecstasies.

love is just a word

All this, because we managed to keep our hearts open, despite the pain that love had earlier given us. Love is never about losing hope. Each time it enters your life with a bunch full of smiles, tears, hopes, joys and blessings. Love is a feeling that should be worshiped. Love is in fact worshiped even by the deities. Every new beginning leads to some other beginning’s end. With every farewell, comes a hidden hope. Soon, we realize that love never leaves us taking away the sun with it or leaving darkness in its place. Love never stops to shower happiness. Love transforms and love heals. Such is the power of love.

However, on the contrary, this powerful force of love sometimes lays deadly traps and ends up destroying the person who decided to surrender him or her completely. This force moves the world. It can be nurturing and destroying at the same time and at the same level. It is quite unimaginable to equate love with devastation but yes, it is true. However, the whole gamut of fault lies with us. We fail to understand what love is and immerse ourselves in it completely without knowing its true meaning. And in this very process, love loses all the meaning and the sun ceases to shine. We are used to believing that what we give is the same as what we receive, we fill our love life with expectations and return gifts. However, this is not what love demands. People, who love, expecting to be loved in return, are simply wasting their time. Love is an act of faith, not an exchange. Do not let that faith wither away. Do not expect to hear those same words in return. Love cannot be manipulated. Love cannot be forced upon someone. It is true and deep only when it comes from the inner self. A true love story never ends and true love never fails.

At times we are unable to comprehend that what is the correct time to plunge into the mystery of that deep, uncontrollable force. We tend to doubt our present love because of one bad experience in the past. We think of driving love from our door just because we have suffered greatly before. We become dead to life thinking that even this will not last. In such a scenario, one must learn to say ‘yes’ without fearing the consequences. You must remember that each encounter is different and brings its own bag full of agonies and ecstasies. Do not compare your past with your present as it will spoil the whole experience of loving someone and receiving it back. Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning!

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