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Every girl while watching a movie or reading a novels, dreams about her prince charming. The ‘picture perfect’ love where everything seems right. Where, they say, nothing’s wrong when you are in love. Love like the movies or, can say, fiction. Boy fights with girl’s family to be with her and when they fail then either they elope like Elizabeth’s sister in “Pride and Prejudice” or in hope to be together in after world, commit suicide like “Romeo and Juliet”. All these stories may not directly point at somebody’s life but have great influence in young minds. Whenever we think of love, the first thing come to our mind is slow motion, mild wind blowing your hairs, time freeze, soft music in the background and everything else just gets blurred behind the scene. But does it happen in real life? I don’t know.

I have never been in love and I blame fiction for that. E.L James in “Fifty Shades of Grey” has correctly explained my situation: “Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. Perhaps I’ve spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high. But in reality, nobody’s ever made me feel like that.” Not only me, I am sure, there are many other girls who are still waiting for their Mr. Right to show up riding on a white horse. Isn’t it just perfect? But it’s just our imagination. Who actually do something like that in real life?
This is a Work of Fiction
Life is not perfect and so is our love stories but we can make it if we want to. Love is friendship with no complains and no demands. I am no expert but the true meaning of it can be understood by those only who have actually fallen in love with someone in their life. I imagine it as a feeling where you think about that person all the time and can’t get him out of your head. When you give more importance to their happiness than your own because seeing them happy, makes you happy. You wish to be with them all the time, watching them smile and secretly hoping that you are the reason behind that smile. That’s all you need.

From all my past teen years of watching movies and reading novels, I have come to realize that there’s nothing like fiction or real life story. Every fiction in some sense is inspired by reality. A fiction is just an exaggerated version of reality, to attract people’s attention. You will get to see many small and cute moments around you if you have the eye to notice all these things which may seem very small or useless to you but for some it might be the moment of their life. It’s just how we look at the small things in life. That classroom romance, terrace love, late night phone calls and messages are still adorable in every sense. Raj-Simran, Jack-Rose and many other, these couples are perfect but you know whose love story is best? Yours.

our love story
Every person has their own story to tell when they grow-old. For example, story of our parents. I still remember the first time my parents told me their love story. I was angry at them because I had to miss my favorite movie to attend some stupid family function. So to lift up my mood, my dad narrated his story to me through whole way. It was actually an arranged-cum-love marriage. That’s what I call it. I was so excited to hear it that now their story is my favorite. Try and ask your parents about theirs. I am sure you will love it. In it there will be a glimpse of reality that how two people had so much faith in each other that they decided to spend rest of their life together. “Till death do us apart”

He made me realize that it’s not necessary for a perfect love story to happen in perfect circumstances. You just need to find your way through it. I don’t want a ‘Love like Movies’. All I want is a ‘Love like Me’. No fakeness, no expectation, no more day-dreaming. Just living in reality and going with the flow. I believe that couples are made in heaven and my Mr. Right is sitting somewhere or running or maybe dancing right now. Who knows! But, I know he’s there. I don’t need to go out with a telescope to find him. We will meet when it’s meant to be and same goes to every couple. You don’t have to wait for love to happen. It will come to you when you least expect it. And trust me, when you find it, after a long time you will ask yourself a question. Is this the same person of my imagination? For most of them the answer will be NO but it won’t matter by then because reality will be far more beautiful by then. No matter what you expect your love to be like, when it’s love its always the best. Hope you get your best to narrate to your children or maybe grandchildren later.

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