To Love is to Live



Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great pomp and fair all over the world. The streets are flooded with couples who just can’t seem to get enough of each other. The adoring glares and the enamoured sighs are enough to make any non-believer belch with disgust. Those who are in a relationship can’t seem to get enough of each other, while others who are single can’t wait to find that someone special in their life.

The amount of roses sold on this day is a staggering approximate of 100 million. On one single day. Florists can’t wait for February 14 to roll around again so that they can exploit people in the name of love on this day,  which sends the people into a dizzying tirade of professing their love for each other. Which begs the question, why this one day? There are 365 days in the year when one can show and shower affection on the people they love. Why should love be shown and expressed just this day? Does it miraculously emerge on this one day? Do we otherwise hate the people on the other days?

Love is a feeling that can never be quantified. It is to be felt and enjoyed. One has to bask in the glow of love and affection which is shown to them. It is a feeling which elevates us to the highest potential of our being. It is to be received and returned manifold. Love, after all makes the love go round.

I remember hearing this one line, which I doubt will ever leave me. It goes something like this,” The greatest gift you will ever receive is to love and be loved in return”. I could never have agreed with a sentence so entirely. Love is a gift, and I dare not say that not everyone is lucky enough to receive it. We are all endowed with a great capacity to love each other. It just takes a little bit of strength and courage to find the vast reserves that we have within ourselves.

The world seems a happier place to be in. Our steps become lighter and we see things with a new perspective. The deal with love is that it is all encompassing. Even those who claim to have remained a virgin from It’s touch, have surely in their lifetime experienced love of some kind or the other. You just need to open up your heart and mind and let love embrace every fibre of your being.

Endless books and poems have been written about love, with each author trying to comprehend it in its own way. For the feeble mind to grasp a concept as vast as this is difficult, for it exists in various ways and in forms of plenty. You love your Mother just as she loves you. The love for a friend, who has been with you through good times and bad, the love for a book or the love one has for their own sibling. We love in various capacities and each is limitless.

It is the one feeling in this world which is not conditional. It is bigger than you and me. It goes beyond colour, caste, creed, sex and religion. It is an unexpected visitor that makes your heart his home and settles there, never changing, never wavering. It cannot be forced, for it extinguishes the flame that lights it, and it can never be taken away, for it clings on like a young child to his mother.

When love takes hold of us, nothing else in the world matters. There is no boundary that we wouldn’t cross, no hurdle we wouldn’t jump, and no river we wouldn’t cross in order to protect the object of our affection. Yes. It sounds a bit too much, but then love is made of sterner stuff. For what kind of love would it be if it faded, or quavered under pressure? Love never desserts, nor does it falter in its stand. Love is an absolute.

To love is to hope. Where there is no love, hope cannot survive. Like a moth drawn to fire, hope is drawn to love. To believe, in the very fact that better things await, that no matter how troubled the times, no matter how choppy the ride, you will get through is to hope that eventually, love will conquer all. All it takes is a little believing and faith, and you will find that Love and Hope will be faithful companions to you in your journey. To leave behind one, would be to leave behind the other.

The trick is to value and cherish that which we feel. Like an ember that needs stoking to become a flame, love needs cherishing to blossom and grow. Appreciation suits affection. Do not mistake this appreciation for attention. That would be blasphemy. All Love needs is one warm hug, a friendly smile, a kind word, a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean. Shallow compliments and expensive gifts are of no consequence to it.

Love dominates our life. It is the reason we breathe, the reason we strive everyday in this world. It is an intrinsic part of us, of our soul. To acknowledge but once a year is to do grave injustice to something so magnificent. So do not wait again till next year to tell someone how much you love them. The time to say ‘I Love You’ will always be now.

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