Love of Money – Root of evil

Now a days, every person’s principal goal is to earn money. They all are convinced that money will give everything they want. However there are many of us who disagree with this fact. Money is simply the medium or instrument of exchange, helping in buying and selling and also in fixing a value on things and commodities. Money may be in metal or in paper. It gives us purchasing power but this power is not absolute as it is on various factors and in such a case it is termed as currency and according to their purchasing power they are termed as hard, soft and weak. Money will not be able to buy the important things of your life because the important things of life are free of cost like happiness, family, love etc.


Money is the only tool that will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. Money will give you the means for the satisfaction of your desires, but it will not provide you with desires and also money will not purchase happiness for the man who has no concept of what he wants or money will not give him a code of values, if he is evaded the knowledge of what to value, and money will not provide him with a purpose, if he is evaded the choice of what to seek. Money will not buy intelligence for the fool or appreciation for the coward or respect for the incompetent. The man who tried or attempts to purchase the brains of his superiors to serve him with his money replacing his judgment, ends up by becoming the target of his inferiors. The men of intelligence desert him, but the cheats and the frauds come flocking or collecting to him, drawn by a law which he has not discovered or invented: that no man may be smaller than his money. Is this the reason why you call it evil?


Firstly let us see why money is needed? All of us need money simply because it helps us to buy things. The days of bartering or exchanging are gone though it is indirectly resorted to at international level. It is helpful as a standard of price. It helps the owner and all of us to have power, not only in buying things but also in influencing many human activities. Many of us say that money is the root of evil. Do you agree with it? According to me, money is not the root of all evils. Instead love of money is the root of evil. Money is neither good nor bad by itself, it is just a thing. If you are earning money by selling drugs to children or killing people for money then this is obviously bad. If you are using money to live the life of your dreams and helping other people who are less fortunate then it is a very good thing. People particularly have the belief that money has destroyed societies and mankind and therefore it the root of all evil. I disagree because money does not have brain to think how to hurt people. It is the thought of a person who uses money as a tool for some evil purpose. But they blame all the fault on money in fact is their brain that cause all the evil. The thing that matters only is that what happens with money once it is in our hands that give it qualities of either good or evil.


It is a truth that money makes the world go round, this is how we bargain for food, shelter, education, travel and just about everything in life has a price. It is the reward for our work that permits us to enjoy the good things in life. It is the foundation or basis for our social organizations and the donations to churches and charitable organizations that allows them to become established and function properly within our communities. From this point of view, we can say that money is not the evil. It is just a source of our survival.


Money is not the root of evil. In fact, the love of money is the root of evil and it can destroy our lives. A person who loves money so much, he will get jealous on other having more money and he will try to get more money than him in every possible way even by committed crime. Man greediness is another negative sign of loving money. They never get satisfied with the amount of money they have, they want more and more. They use shortcuts to get more and more money such as they rob, steal and cheat to get quick money and to fulfill their greedy. The greediness can destroy individuals, break up homes and even bring down nations. Many people can also make money there god. It usually depends on whether money is in control of the person or the person is in control of the money. When money is in control of person it can make a lot of harm. It is the character and the attitude of a person that encourages him to do what he does with his money and not the other way round.


I personally have a belief that we should stop blaming things that we ourselves have given value to. Why we blame to money. It’s our decision for using it for some evil purpose or for some good purpose. We should be blaming for it not the money. Money is usually or normally the fruit of labor. The question is that how one spends that money. Famous thinkers have suggested that one who has money enough and enough to spare or extra must look upon himself as the trustee of the money and see to it that it is spent in a useful and wise way. Basically, there is nothing good or evil about money. It only depends on how one puts it to. The same money which could help bring relief to the suffering millions can also be used to build up armaments. The hope of getting money spurs or drives one into action. It is the power that decides how to spend the money. Money can be used morally or immorally, it depends on us. A morally strong man may not use money in evil ways and immorally man may not use money for good purpose. So money is not the root of evil, its love of money which becomes the root of evil.



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