Love- Perennial Source to Life


Love- one of those feelings which cannot be defined, for mere words do not have the power to explain the might of the feeling. The feeling that can even melt a stone heart ed person and is the reason of our existence on this earth. It has different levels of importance for everybody. For some, love may be having a strong liking for a person while for others, it may be the feeling of care and affection and likewise it may have many synonyms. Every person is different and therefore has a unique ways of expressing affection but the most important thing is that everybody possesses this feeling and longs for it every time. It is the feeling of love that distinguishes between a being and a machine. In today’s era, scientists have gone up to the extent of creating humanoids that are human-like robots capable of doing almost all the chores which we human beings do but one single human-like thing that the scientists have not been and will never be able to inculcate in these robots is the feeling of love, affection and care. Though the other things are important but it is only the feeling of love that acts as the basic necessity for the life to flourish. It acts as the binding agent between people.


Thomas Carlyle once said,” Love is the beginning of all knowledge” and it certainly is. The simplest way in which we can interpret this statement is for instance we tend to learn things which we like very easily as compared to the things that we don’t like that much and I am sure all of us do experience it. Talking of the higher levels, knowledge here can also be seen as the divine knowledge. With love comes a feeling of humanity and with humanity we get the power of reasoning the things around us, we start looking at things in a completely different and positive way. Some people may deny the fact that love is not important but somewhere down their hearts; even they know it that it is these kind feelings that complete us and make us what we are.


Every day we work hard, work consistently and sacrifice many things just to have a secured and happy future for ourselves and for our loved ones. So, behind everything that we do it is the feeling of love that keeps us going and inspires us to do more and more, so whatever we may do our ultimate aim is the happiness of our loved ones. It is the feelings of love that can make us do things that are impossible say for instance we can do anything for the happiness of our parents because there is immense love in our heart for them. Not only this, it is the love for his country and his countrymen that inspires a soldier on the border to sacrifice his life. The things that we do out of hearts more often are pure without any malice and without any kind of manipulations while the things in which the brain is involved is often a calculative act but that does not means that we should not think before doing anything; we should but there should be a perfect amalgamation of the two constituents.


“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do…but how much love we put in that action” are the words of the once angel on earth Mother Teresa. It is our actions that define the amount of love and not our word for it is the actions that speak louder than words. Therefore we should try to spread love among the beings around us for love was put in your heart to express it and not to limit it within yourself. The feeling of love teaches us to accept the person we love with his own imperfections. Now, this reminds me of the much quoted lines ‘that nobody in this world is perfect’ and I would like to add that although nobody in this world is perfect but it is the heart full of love and affection that helps you to find the person who is perfect for you in his own imperfections.


God has created each one of us and has instilled feelings and emotions in each living being. He is the omnipotent; if he wanted he would have created beings devoid of feelings but he didn’t because people without feeling can be considered to be alive but they can never be considered to living their life. Love is the essential element of life everywhere whether it is in animals or in Homo sapiens. My father always says that the two things in the world that never get diminished even after sharing are love and knowledge, it rather multiplies by sharing. It helps us to create a place in each and everybody’s hearts which probably our money would never be able to do. Though, money can buy us the most expensive things in the world but the things which are superior of all which are feelings like love, affection and happiness cannot be bought with money because these are priceless. Now, reading this statement some may think why not? Money can buy us every luxury which can give us happiness but money can buy us happiness but that materialistic happiness is ephemeral. With lots of money we can hire a luxury suite in one of the most luxurious hotels and it can give us immense comfort but the ultimate comfort that we get is by sleeping in our mother’s lap; so for all those who think that emotions are of no use; they divert us from being practical, here is the food for thought for all them.


Some people think that the kind of society in which we are living in does not value emotions; they are rather mercenary, so there is no use of expressing any kind of emotions in front of them. These people may seem to be correct while thinking that ways but we are an integral part of the society in which we are living and therefore we are responsible for the direction in which it is going. So, it is none but we ourselves that will have to work for it for Gandhiji once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” So, we will have to work for improving the morals of the people, will have to instill the humane feelings in the hearts of the people. So start loving things around you from the very moment itself and trust me in the language of business sharing love is a profitable investment because you may not get the same amount of love back but at least you don’t lose anything. These feelings fill up the voids of our life and without these our life would be so hollow. One universal fact is that all of us have come in to this world alone and will depart alone but the only feeling that completes us and removes our loneliness during the journey of life is the feeling of love, so we should always treasure and cherish it.


I would like to end with the words of Orson Welles,

“We’re born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”

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