Love, War and Life Tales

Anyone who understands the meaning of life knows that love is not the opposite of war. In fact, love and war are the two sides of the same coin. They are a part and parcel of life and are not very different from each other. In fact, principles of life are equally applicable to both love and war. Love and war arouse emotions of a person like no other feeling on this planet. Love and war are inseparable from each other.

Fight for what you believe is right but at the same time learn to keep calm. Keeping calm enables you to show courage in the face of difficulties. Moreover, nothing will irritate your adversaries more than seeing you calm and relaxed even in troubled waters. It will downgrade their self confidence which will in turn have a negative impact on their performance or personality. Have the courage to choose your own destiny and do not be worried about the consequences. There is nothing in life that has a beginning or ending. This awareness will take you to places. And yes, this applies to both love and war.

Listen to the ‘voice of your heart’. This melodious voice can only be heard when you are in complete harmony with the world around you. This voice has a tranquilizing effect on your soul and brings you immense pleasure and peace. You must have faith in your ability to say the right things, take the right decisions and differentiate between right and wrong. And yes, this applies to both love and war.

At times in life, we get very much absorbed in our own selves. We feel that we are at the center stage of the universe and the world does not exist beyond us. True, we are the protagonists of our own lives but we must acknowledge our fellow human beings. The world is incomplete without companionship. We must not forget the bonds that we have forged over time with our fellow human beings. The world remains in complete balance and harmony if we do not immerse ourselves in our own lives to a great extent. In order to attain our objectives, we need other people and therefore it is necessary to observe and acknowledge others. We must know what others’ lives are like and we must try to imagine ourselves in their skin. This provides us with a great learning experience and helps us know what others thoughts are. Thus, our own thought process is also enriched. And yes, this applies to both love and war.

in love and war

Our path will always cross that of someone, who out of love or pride, wants to teach us something. We must have the ability to recognize the right master in such scenarios. There is a lot to learn from everybody on the planet. Each and every one has some or the other unique ability which differentiates him or her from the rest. However, a true teacher is not the one who guides us on the path leading to our destination. In fact, an honest teacher helps us find many ways to reach the destination. After that, the teacher leaves it to us as to what path we want to take. A teacher allows us to learn ourselves while he or she himself provides the guiding light, the source of inspiration. A great master is perhaps the most important aspect of our lives. And yes, this applies to both love and war.

We often think that the ideal attitude to achieve one’s goal is to be willing to give up one’s life for one’s dreams. However, this is the most common and abhorrent mistake that we commit. Giving up our lives does not in any way make us deserving of the goal. In fact, in order to achieve our dreams we need to preserve our lives. We must, therefore, know how to avoid those things that threaten us. We should act keeping in mind our dreams, our passion and life’s teachings. These three things will never make us go wrong on the path of our destiny. The moment a threat comes, we must be able to react swiftly. A threat demands a swift, intelligent and thoughtful reaction and does not wait for a plan of action. Learn to act rapidly. Most importantly, in such dreadful situations, always listen to the ‘voice of your heart.’ This voice knows when to act, how to act and when to avoid action. Even if your mind does not agree with the heart, learn to respect the voice of your heart and follow it in an unhesitating manner. And yes, this applies to both love and war.

Whenever you feel like losing hope, fight for your dreams and keep up the god fight. This will restore all the faith and hope in you. Learn to distinguish between the transient and the enduring and respect the bonds forged over time. Fight for your dreams and survival and know that your adversaries are not necessarily your enemies. Think before you act. Be aware that your actions; good or bad, will affect the many future generations and they will suffer or enjoy according to how you act today. And yes, this applies to both love and war.

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