Who Made You What You Are!!

Personality can be defined as a pattern of thinking, feeling, behaving etc. A person is defined and judged based on his personality, the way he mingles with the society, the way he approaches people, talks to them etc. But have you ever thought about the factors that have made you what you are? Every person is almost the same the time he/she was born in terms of thinking and the behavior part. However, as we grow up, we change, our thinking perspective, our attitude towards various things in life changes. Some of us might be rich, some of us might be poor, and we might be from various geographic locations, cultures hence leading to diversity. All these factors will play at least a minute role in designing our personality and therefore defining our own self.


Starting from the childhood, we try to imitate our parents or people around us in every manner. We try to talk the way they talk, walk the way they do and just imitate them blindly. This is the first step in building your personality. Though we follow them unconsciously at that point of time, our brain will make a stronger imprint of these actions and we tend to carry on the same even after we grow up.

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The next major stage is when we start going to school. We are surrounded by many students all of a sudden who are from different locations, cultures, religions etc. They play a major role in building our personality.” Show me your friends and I will tell you what type of a person you are” is one popular quote referring to the impact your friends make on you. This is the stage where one has to be self-conscious and learn to make good friends. The difference between right and wrong is just a small line but that line matters a lot. So keep an eye on your friendships and the people associated.

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In the present world, multimedia is playing a critical role in providing the information related to everything and is reaching out to every corner in the world. Knowingly or unknowingly, media plays a great role in designing your personality. The genre of movies you watch, the type of songs you listen, the news you watch, everything has a connection to your behavior. For example, if you like horror movies, then it means that you are an adventurous person and attracted to suspense’s. It seems strange, but this has been proven scientifically.

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Parents and friends play a major role apart from the other factors. Friends are so effective that they can either make you or break you. When you get a true friend who really understands your strengths and weaknesses in the same way and yet supports you, they are the ones worthy to be called as friends. They help you in taking the right decisions and choosing the correct path. They stay with you all through your life and never leave you for smaller misunderstandings.  Such friends are to be treasured all through your life. Parents are the ones who guide you and suggest you what is right and what is wrong. They teach you the first steps of your life and they wish to see you successful. If all these suggestions are followed properly, then this makes a positive impression on our personality which is liked by everyone.

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Our environment defines us. A person who is grown up in a rich family has a different personality when compared to the person who is grown up in a middle-class family. This is mainly because of the people we are surrounded by and the people who guide us.

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Dreams are yet another beautiful factor which defines our personality and our nature. When we start choosing people as our role model and we start building our own dreams which will lead us to success, we automatically modify our nature in such a way that we are getting closer to our goal. Your attitude and personality leads to your success. So as long as you have a valid goal, you set your focus upon it and work towards it with complete determination and strength, you will always succeed and turn out to be a better person.

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Designing of personality is due to different factors for different people, for some it might be due to the external factors like parents, friends etc. for some it might be due to materialistic things like money, power etc. Changing due to materialistic things can be negative at some times, things like money, power are so manipulating that they can force you to change your decisions and they may pull you towards the negative side of your life thereby changing your personality forever. It takes just a second to destroy your good image into a bad one, but it takes years to convert it into a good one from bad. That is the power of the negative nature. So better don’t fall for it and take the right path.

Personality makes you what you are and everything that is related to you is affected by your nature. If you don’t take proper care of your personality, you will never be appreciated by people and once you have an illuminating personality that provides an inspiration to your fellow beings then that is the moment you have to feel proud about yourself. So Stay focused and design your personality in such a way that you are always proud of it and people around you must feel proud introducing you as their son/daughter/best friend etc.

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