This is How to Maintain Your Relationships!

Relationship can be defined as a bond existing between two or more people. It is that bond of survival that keeps our soul alive and thriving to live a memorable and meaningful life with quality time spent with our near and dear ones. Relationships are easy to build but difficult to maintain. We all have many relationships existing in our life of which some are very close to our heart and some are not. Relationship stands strong when there is mutual understanding and trust between people. Trust is that string that connects relationships which once broken can never hold relationships the same way as earlier.


You can be in relation with anyone who connects to your heart, be it a friend, your pet, diary, parents, relatives and many more. Relationship is all about respecting your own feelings and understanding others so that you are able to do justice to them. Myles Munroe said- “Healthy relationships should always begin at the spiritual and intellectual levels – the levels of purpose, motivation, interests, dreams and personality”. It is very difficult for anyone to stay alone in their life, everybody needs someone with whom they can share their lives and express their feeling to, so it is very important that we have quality people in our life that help us lead a quality life.


1. Give your Time, Attention and Care


When you are in a relationship, you are expected to give time to your loved ones so that they can spend some time with you. In today’s life, we are always busy so it is very important that you take out your precious time and dedicate it to them. They must be waiting for you to give some care to their feelings and spend quality time with them. Every relation needs our attention to continue it smoothly in our life.

2. Never Break Trust


Trust is something that once teased apart can never bring any relation close again. So it is very important that you build trust in your relationship and prove yourself to them that you are trustworthy and you care for them since trusting is the root cause of a healthy relationship. You can make many relationships but maintain requires trusting and never breaking it for sure.

3. Compromise with Ego


When ego comes in between relationships, no one can save a relationship from breaking since you start giving more importance to your false ego and less to your relationships. Compromising or apologizing in a relationship means that you care about their feelings and respect their point of view without thinking about her faults and arguing with them. This makes the relationship stronger and it lasts longer. Give more value to your relationship to preserve its sweetness and longevity.

4. Respect Each Other


Respect is something that makes the bond between people mightier since they connect with each other at intellectual level. Respecting each other’s views and decisions helps to keep a relationship for a long time. Respecting each other means never using slang language when talking, no social violence and other disrespectful behaviour. Respect is a precious gift that increases the value of a relationship.

5. Always be Supportive


Being supportive means not binding her and allowing her to follow path of her dreams and pursue whatever she wants in her life. Some relations support us most of the time are the relations we share with our parents and friends. They make us realize our true potential and boost our confidence so that we are able to work hard and reach our goals. Support is needed when we are experience troubles in our life. At that time, the strength of our relationship is tested. Moral support is something that protects relationships from breaking and strengthens its roots.

6. Listen and Appreciate


For a healthy relationship, it is very important that we listen to the ones we love and care for, and then only we will be able to understand them and better our bonding and rapport with them. Our loved ones and family relations do a lot for us so it’s very important that we appreciate their effort in comforting and helping us in our difficulties. Little appreciation of their work and their accomplishments also can make them happy and improve our relation too.

7. Be Loyal


Loyalty is something that keeps the relationships going without getting stuck in between various adversities of life. When we are loyal, we build trust and make our relationship worthy for continuing it further but when we not loyal and cheat our loved ones, we reach nowhere and get nothing out of our life. Being loyal is an essential element of healthy relationship. The more loyal we are, healthier is our relationships and more closer we are to them.

8. Give Privacy and Freedom of Expression


We all are bound by some or the relationships so it is very important that we allow and respect some privacy so that they are at peace with us. This shows how much trust we have on each other and how much we respect each other’s space. So try not to indulge too much into others life until they want it otherwise it can harm our relationship. Other important aspect of healthy relationship is giving the complete freedom of expression and letting them express themselves and participate in decision making. This lets them know how important they are in our life and ultimately it makes our relationship healthy and joyful.

9. Share your Feelings


Relationship becomes healthy when we start sharing our thoughts and feelings. This way they come to know about us better which helps them to justifiably understand us and avoid going to conclusions about us. The more they know about us, the more they come closer to our life and start sharing time and living. Sharing leads to caring of our feelings and instigates responsibility to hold the relationship close to our heart and never let it fade away.

10. Forgive and Forget


When we are in a relationship, we may get into fights and sometimes hurt each other. Afterwards when we realize our mistake, we try to apologize. This is at this time when we should forgive and forget our grudge against them provided the level of fight is at considerable one. When we able to forgive, we not only free them but ourselves too from the anger and irritation we have after the fight. If we don’t forgive and forget, we never come out of that matter and that remains in our heart forever and simply ruins a relationship. So by forgiving and forgetting, relationship remains healthy and lasts longer.

Relationships are those precious parts of our life that make us and our life meaningful and we live life with full spirits. Some relationships are made by chance, some by choice and some by birth but every relation has its own importance and charm. So keep every relationship that matters to you always close to your heart and try to maintain it today and forever since every relation needs some effort from both sides to keep it going healthily and happily.

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