Its Time: Make the Choice



The goal of everything that we do is to make a choice for our life and to attain happiness. That is why we pray for the welfare of our family. It is only through choosing to get married and the choice of going to college and completing our education and choice of working for a company that we all take. It is about making a choice now that matters. The right choice at the right time and at the right moment is what you need to take. It is these matters that are all so important and that are why we care so much about it. If any of these things don’t go our way then we tend to get hurt and we think that it is hopeless to work for anything at all. Either it should be our way or no way.

Choices are all about culminating our lives in a way so as to be able to achieve happiness. Choices are the root cause of everything that we desire from our childhood to adulthood. Choices are not about the elusive state of euphoria but it is the reasons through which we would be able to stumble upon all the goals to be fulfilled. Choices are just as capable of making of helping you to experience the worst and the best in our lives. Attaining happiness is a choice. It always was, it always is and it always will be. We as humans need to understand that the choices that we make are after all what matters the most. Happiness is not contingent upon the great things that you accomplish. But it is about working hard for something. Choices are the result of your thinking and your assumption of the choices around. You have to condition the things around. It is about being better, richer and happier. It is about giving out the best in your work or in your studies or in your respective relationships.

If you have made a choice then stick to it. I know a friend of mine who thought of becoming a Banker…a thinking that less people have. A mindset he had which he kept until he got the prestigious job. One year Probationary officer he was and then he got his permanent posting. This was his choice which he lived. His next choice is to get married and get settled. A choice his parents had made but a decision he undertook after he successfully completed his dream. Never think that aspiring to be better is bad but one should not overexert it to the extension that the choices that you make would somewhat backfire. Making a choice is the concept of growth and it is on the other hand, the main concept of existence too. It is about developing your abilities and your inner souls. It is about capturing the energy inside of you and compiling it together so as to be able to put yourself in a position to be successful and happy.

Making the right choice would secure your future and would help you to work hard in the present without any prior consent to the past. It is all about knowing your priorities and working hard to achieve it. Like if you have made an early choice of becoming a doctor…then you would be making a choice of reading biology more and then you would be making choices of taking up additional courses and also the name of the college that you want to go to.  So in contrast, you would be choosing things for yourself which would make you do things in a better way. We are here now and if we have to bring out the positive vibes inside of us then we need to work the best we can.

The pursuit of happiness is the biggest reason why we need to make choices. The choices that we maintain and that we strongly hold onto are what basically help us in solving out life’s biggest mysteries. Parents sometimes take the choices for their child but in later life when the child becomes an adult then he needs to make his own choices because it is he who has to live his life. It is not the parents that have to live the life of the child. Remember it that choices are what makes a man and somewhat measures the real mettle of a person. Sometimes the choices might be right and at others it might be the worst possible scenarios. But that is what life is and you have to learn from the respective experience.

Everyone out there in the world is fighting a battle of their own so as to have a peaceful existence of their own in the world. One is not changing oneself and for the sake of their own happiness and for the sake of the world around, you have to choose yourself whether to be full of love and positive energy or to be full of hatred and hypocrisy. One needs to choose happiness…choose what success means to them…choose the family they want to have and the home that they want to live in. Every aspect of life is not changeable and it is really important for one to know that life is beautiful and important. You’ve chosen it to live it and you know what you want to do in life. You know exactly what the right thing to do in life is and you just need to have the courage to do it. It is very easy to feel sorry for yourself because of the choices you made but you also need to know how to correct the choices by making new ones. It is not about worrying 24 hours about the choices but by making choices which would be productive for you all the 24 hours of your lifetime. So stop worrying and have the courage to make a choice now.


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