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Is it really possible to make a heaven on Earth? People say that it can be made easily through love as it is the feeling of love that for no obvious reason makes the whole universe seem plausible. Living a moment of complete happiness is what makes life worth living for. There aren’t so many questions out there as compared to the immense number of solutions that you will find in the midst. Just try to immensely identify the happiness inside of you, the craving of making heaven on Earth without having any sorrow regarding the past or the thoughts of the future. It would only be YOU making an effort for creating your own Heaven on Earth.

In all these years, you might have had some fantasies or you might have wanted to go someplace. It is these little moments, thinking about whom you might have felt being closer to heaven. If these are the things that make you feel happier, then it is a possibility that it is what would help you in creating the heaven that you are looking out for. Create these moments and make them worth dying out for. Make these the purpose of your life, hear them, see them and feel them in the way like you never did with something else. Do you think or feel that Heaven is a place written in myths and only after death can you be able to see it. Heaven is on Earth, it is inside your mind. It is in the conscious effort of trying to make a mark for yourself in the world. Heaven is in the smiles of the people around you, it is inside a child, inside an animal, inside the ones you love and who tend to return the favors to you. It is just your birthright to feel the paradise like you want to. It is only you who know the key of getting in touch with your heaven.

Making your own heaven is easy and for people it has varied set of meanings. For someone in love, heaven is about looking into their eyes and noticing the love that the person has for them. For a parent, it is about taking their child in their arms and listening to their chit-chatting in the most pleasant of manner. For a writer, heaven is all about writing articles that tends to create a flutter inside the heart of the readers. Reading a book during the rain and eating your favorite fried snacks with a cup of tea is heaven. Listening to your favorite music and pondering over the lyrics and feeling the music inside of you is heaven. Being a breathtaking place like in mountains or near the beach and enjoying the beauty at its best is Heaven. Listening to the nature, the birds chirping, the sound of the wind, the rising of the sun and the early morning freshness surging inside of you is heaven. Meeting an old friend, going out to party, going on a date with someone you love and enjoying each and every moment is what heaven is all about.

If you look around carefully then you would notice that in reality the Heaven is actually around you. The only thing is that the world has turned out into a hectic, tedious and a different place to live in. But sometimes going into the lap of nature and understanding the core concept of finding love in the midst of Hell is what making your own Heaven is all about. In the modern concept of societal norms, it is essential that you break of from the rules but in a sense that is harmless to others and essential for your soul. Try to find the things that you love to do and try them out. It is not about waiting to die so that you would be expecting to understand what actually Heaven means. It is about creating your own world where you can do what you wanted to do always and live up the moments of happiness with your family and loved ones. It is about helping others and making others smile. It is about not hurting people around you but making them get aware of what they are capable of. It is about helping others to succeed and also knowing your own heart, the heart that has the capability to achieve whatever it wishes out for or work towards it. Heaven is all about knowing yourself and creating a better clone of your own so as to make the world a far better place to live on than what it is now.

The journey of your life is all about finding the Heaven on Earth. We are here to find and create and make our own Heaven. When you understand the core concept about love, self-awareness and a helpful heart, you tend to become one with the cosmic force of nature and it is then that you tend to understand that Heaven was here all right,and it is your own to make-you just need to make an effort to find it and live it!

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