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While living their lives, people start to pay more attention to the things of the spirit. We tend to think about life after death. We leave behind nothing but our immense contribution to humanity at large. Our friends and relatives celebrate our rich lives and remember us with profound gratitude after our death. With our own spiritual search, another phenomenon occurs and that is the feeling of intolerance towards the spiritual search of others. Many people seek the path of sacrifice and self immolation stating that pain and suffering in this world will lead to joy and ecstasy after death. Who is certain about life after death? No one perhaps! One cannot ignore the transience of life. Even persons living a spiritually enriched life, fit in all respects, have to go some day or the other. The argument of suffering in this world to find happiness in the next seems irrational. If this world is a blessing from God, why not enjoy to the fullest in this very life? Isolation and sacrifice distance us from the Lord. God is much closer to us when we are closer to others.

Long periods of trial and renunciation not only bring unhappiness to us but also to our near and dear ones. We are the ones who build the road to paradise with each and every action or deed of ours. It is important for us to decide how we will be remembered. It is important for us to leave an inspiring and enduring legacy through our philanthropic work. It is important for us to do certain good deeds that will outlive us. It is important to contribute towards the betterment of the society. It is even more important to expand the frontiers of joy and happiness of the people around us. It is worth remembering that we cannot shift responsibility for our decisions onto others’ shoulders.

We nurture unending passions in life. However, at times we fail to concentrate our energies on achieving that one goal or that one thing we are deeply passionate about. Focus all your energies to the thing that you are passionate for else conserve your energy. Learn that in order to achieve something you do not need to take any giant step. You just have to concentrate your energy on the goal or the objective.

Never begin with easy things. If you begin with easy things, your level of preparedness will automatically fall. You will not be able to encounter the challenges and know your shortcomings in a proper manner. It is best to know at once what difficulties you will meet on the road to success.

Believe your teacher and practice what he or she says is important. You do not have a better companion in your life than your teacher. Do not ignore our teacher’s well meaning advice. Your teacher will take you to places that you must not have imagined before.

Master your techniques completely. Have an intimate knowledge of your resources, techniques and the target. When it comes to life’s challenges trusting your instincts is important but only after you have mastered your technique. Listen to your intuition, listen to your heart.

To avoid falling into treacherous traps, you must not indulge in overwhelming joy and ecstasy halfway down the road. You must consider yourself half victorious only after you have covered ninety percent of the road. These are simple things that disclose and unveil the truth in its plenitude. To earn good karma through good deeds is an inviolable guiding principle of life. Leading a good life will help us leave footprints on the sands of time.

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As conscious human beings, we need to pause and consider the whole design and purpose of our lives. There are times in life when we do not have anything left with us to give except love. All we are left with is love. At such times, when we can do nothing else, we should love, without expecting any change or reward or gratitude. The energy of love will begin to transform the universe around us. Love transcends all barriers. Love breaks all bridges. Love is eternal. At the deepest level, all of us have deep, innate love for the whole of humanity. This love can orchestrate our life into a meaningful and fulfilling one. This inner magnificence can help us make a difference to the world around us. Love is the only reason we continue to live, struggle and improve.

Love transforms and love cures but love is indefinable. This feeling of love is present in small things and manifests itself in the smallest of actions and the most insignificant deeds. Picking up the phone and saying affectionate words we had long been postponing, opening the door to someone who needs our help. Asking forgiveness for a mistake we made, discovering a sport that can be played with family, dancing and enjoying music with your family and friends, embracing your loved one, gifting flowers and chocolates instead of expensive jewellery are all manifestations of inexplicable love that we nurture for our fellow human beings.

We only get one shot at life. So, let us make this count!

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