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‘Beauty’ is something that catches everyone’s attention. It is something which is there in everyone’s wish list. It attracts, fascinates and is loved by all equally. Beauty has its different dimensions and shades. For human beings we classify beauty in mainly two categories. There is one beauty which is visible, the outer one, the beauty of body. Transparent eyes, dazzling smile, tinkling laughter, all grasp our interest for sure but there is one more layer to the word called ‘Beauty’ for human beings and that is the beauty of the soul . The internal, subtle beauty which we really can’t see but yes can feel many times whenever we are accompanied by some internally beautiful people. They might not have some really attractive physical features but their vibes overshadow that lack and vibrate in such a magical way that can turn your gloomiest day into the most cherished and memorable one. They might not have deep blue eyes but their eyes of mercy for everyone compensate that. They may not be the owner of tinkling laughter but their contentment and happiness inside spreads like scent and reaches to everyone. They might not have a chiseled body and magnetic face cut but the universal love in their heart never fails to touch many lives.

Actually every human being has a seed of beauty in them. It may be dormant or active but it exists in each of us. Some of us may not have perfect outer beauty but inner beauty is something that we all have in the same amount. Beauty is something that we all possess commonly. Be it outer or inner but a piece of it is always there inside humans. This is the quality which differentiates human beings from other creatures of nature.

You are beautiful

As we categorize human being’s beauty into these two forms or layers, in the same manner the world’s beauty can be categorized mainly in two sections. This beautiful planet, where life exists is the most brilliant creation of the supreme. There is no comparison of its scenic beauty. Somewhere we find the towering mountains, somewhere the deep silent seas. Be it the chirping birds, blooming flowers, flowing rivers, sea shores, raindrops or butterflies. Everything in this world is simply adorable. This is the beauty of the world which is apparent to each one of us. The great Himalaya hills or the humongous Niagara fall, everything defines the nonpareil beauty of the world.

wonderful forest

Outer beauty of the world sometimes connects us through the inner beauty of ourselves. Whenever we are disturbed inside or having any emotional turbulence then peace at any sea shore or calm experience of boating keeps that power to pacify our minds. These experiences can relax us within few minutes, harmonize our minds and reconnect us from within.

This is the beauty of the world which we see, which is discernible. But there is one more aspect of this beauty and that is the inner beauty. This inner beauty of the world is nothing but the collective consciousness of the world. A world which is so beautifully made for us to live, how we live in this world rates the mark in the index of inner beauty of it. How we keep the earth beautiful inside out is what that decides the inner beauty of our world.

Surely, we can’t add substantial amount of beauty to its original natural beauty. It is remarkable and incomparable for sure. But we can keep the beauty intact. We can try our best to protect its amazing beauty as much as possible by keeping our cities clean, by not polluting our rivers. By respecting the nature for what it gives to us.

But when it comes to inner beauty of the world, the whole control comes back to our hands because it’s we who create its inner beauty. The condition of society shows the state of its inner beauty. We live in this world and our collective consciousness defines how beautiful or ugly the world is.

Now the question arises that how can we add beauty to this world? Well, the answer is by being beautiful inside and using our beautiful qualities for good of society and people around us. The world is beautiful outside but the degrading societal status is making a spot in its sheer beauty and the rate seems so high that sometimes it is fearful.

There was a time when human being had few luxuries than we have today but internally we were satisfied and contented. We used to live happily and together in limited resources. We used to respect nature and human relations were really important for us. We used to support and cooperate each one of our society. We used to participate in every happy and sad incident of each other. This was the time when we were beautiful internally but with the passage of time clouds of greed, selfishness, ego covered the goodness and the beauty of our inner self and society led to a different direction altogether.

It has reached a point where the world is on the verge of losing its internal beauty but still the curb is in our hands.

Throughout the life we desire for everything. We expect in relationships. We expect respect, love, care from people around us. We expect people to behave properly with us. We want to achieve the great goals in our life and sometimes even by hook or by crook. In this process of expectation and achieving something we forget what should our role be in this world drama? And here we miss the opportunity to beautify this world. We miss a chance to play our part in such a creative way that we can add beauty to this world’s inner beauty.


The qualities that we possess, be it peace, happiness, mercy, compassion or love for everyone. We should utilize these qualities in our daily life. The more we use it, the more our own inner beauty enhances and we contribute to make this world beautiful.

Let’s look at our roles in a creative way and with a bigger perspective that besides these hollow, never ending desires and goals what we can do to add beauty to the world.

From being merciful to stray dogs, to being tolerant and supportive in relationships, from teaching those children who can’t afford their tuitions, to giving objects to those who need it. We have various options where we get opportunity to explore our own inner beauty and to add in world’s beauty as well. Our one help can make a difference in someone’s life. Our one kind act can spread a smile on someone’s face.

Let’s try together to make this world beautiful in complete real manner. Let’s try to change our own thinking and acts. Let’s be a big man from heart. Let’s come out of our self centered goals and cooperate to spread peace, love and happiness via our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let’s add beauty to the world.

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