What Makes an Unhappy Marriage

Why do marriages mostly prove unhappy for the couple? Why do most of the people seem apprehensive after their marriage? What is the reason behind their unhappy married life? Actually there are many driving forces that lead to an unhappy married life. Rightly said, a person who doesn’t marry repents and who marries also repents. Relations are always based on trust and honesty and when it comes to the marital relationships, an extra care is needed. Relationships are just like fragile threads, if you happen to stretch them, more than what they can hold, they may easily break down. There is always a lack of understanding between the two people involved in the relationship that makes both of them unhappy.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven by the supreme power but the responsibility to hold them is on the people. It is not that problems arise only in the case of arrange marriages, in fact love marriages too hold a bad record in maintaining a happy wedded life. The basic reasons behind an unhappy marriage could be many including coercion by parents of any of the two. A person might not be ready for the marriage but due the parental force he/she has to get involved into it and this creates a gloomy ambience in the relationship even after the marriage. And if any of the two soul mates is not happy with the marriage, the other one automatically feels the same. As a result the relationship goes through a difficult phase. Dowry becomes another cause in making the marriages an unhappy event. Demand of huge sum of dowry even after the marriage creates a huge mess not only between the partners but also between the families. And this intervention by the families emphasise an unhappy relationship.


The major need of the relationship lies in trust whereas it lack some cases. Extra marital affairs and infidelity in a married relationship creates the worst scene. Marital relationships as we observe revolve around the theory of trust and honesty. As it a well-known fact that, trust is the foundation of every relationship and in the lack of this very crucial part, a happy married life is impossible. Sometimes relationships do not go smoothly and as a result things start losing control. Yet, there is a need of making things better in a dignified manner which is overseen at few places and as a result of this tension between the couple heightens which concludes in stress and unhappiness.

Also sometimes, other matters start intervening into the husband-wife relation which leads to an argument every time. The idea of respect for each other is very necessary in a marital relation. Absence of the feeling of respect is observed sometimes in the case of love marriages and resultantly complains and grudges start piling over thereby couples heading towards an unhappy life. A bad sex life is also one of the major reasons for stress and disharmony in the relationship. Parenting issues too, lead to arguments and fights between the couple. Marriage is not just a phase of life but a responsibility as well and this sometimes becomes problematic for few people. A sudden transition from a free life to the burden of responsibilities on shoulders sometimes results in increased tension between the partners.

Another major issue that comes up regarding the tensions in a married life is time. People stop giving time to each other either because of their engagements in busy schedule or just that they start losing interest altogether. As it is known, that giving someone your time is more important than even money because time once lost can never come back again. Giving someone your valuable time proves the importance of that person in your life and in the absence of this the other person feels neglected and this then becomes a reason which adds to unhappiness to the marriage. Money too stands amidst the list of reasons for unhappiness in marriage. Monetary problems emerge as one of the biggest reasons for creating distance between two people in the relationship. This distance is created through frequent arguments and fights over petty matters of money and bills. Money in this modern world matters a lot as all our needs of lavish lifestyle is fulfilled by it and without money this is not possible. When a person is suffering through monetary issues, frustration often grows and affects the relationships as well.

Sometimes these little issues transform into huge problems and thereby make situations even worse. It is true that problems arise in every married life but you should use your intellect in tackling the problems cautiously at the lower level itself so that they don’t develop into a big one. Problems in marriage and in relationship with your partner can affect your whole life and therefore there is much need to pay attention towards your married life. Many people seem unhappy and dissatisfied with their marriage which could also lead to divorce and separation in future. Thus, where on one hand a lot of factors are responsible for making a marriage successful, similarly on the other side there could be so many reasons behind an unhappy marriage.

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