Man has Will, Woman has Her Way


From ancient times there has always been this myth of men being greater than women. Women have always been thought to be as housewives who can do nothing better than running a house and raising children. They are thought to be the ones who cannot step out of the house and work and earn as men do. But like I said this is just a saying. It is just the thought of a fool. Women in reality are very different from what there are seen like by the world. All women are complicated to understand in their own manner. “A woman is like a tea bag, you cannot tell how strong she is unless you put her into hot water.”- Eleanor Roosevelt. The image of a woman is quite different from what the world sees it as to be. The times when women used to be as delicate as a feather or with a heart as fragile as glass are gone. Maybe, such a time never existed! There are so many different types of people in this world, and in the same manner the personality might differ person to person. According to a survey, approximately 78 percent of women are confident enough to face anything and everything in their lives and are looking forward to give an equal level for competing with men. 12 percent of women are afraid to face difficulties and challenges of this world but are still trying and struggling to overcome their fear and achieve something in life. The remaining 10 percent are those which are both afraid to face challenges and aren’t even working or doing anything to become something. They are happy with their day to day lives and monotonous chores of their homes, raising their children, and just being dominated by the men.
There is no difference in a man and a woman other than their appearances. It is only the world which has made it so that the men are the more powerful gender than the women. What is it that a man can do and a woman not? Right from running a small entrepreneurship to running a nation, nothing is impossible for women. Right from doing the household chores to doing the official work and presentations, nothing is difficult for her. Right from raising a child and raising her own name by her hard work and determination, nothing at all is there which she cannot do. All men should be thankful to women, because she is the one who gave her birth, took care of him when he was a child, held his hand and made him walk, said stories all night up and made him sleep. As he grew up, she helped him as a friend. When he grew young, she supported her as her very close one. After his marriage, took care of him and his entirely family, gave him the emotional support that he needed and was with him even when the world opposed him and stood as a backbone throughout his tough times. As a daughter , she made him feel the joy of parent-hood by being his princess who like a horse would make him bow down on his knees and ride on him. At every phase, a woman has made the life of a man better. A man often does not control his own fate. Rather a woman does that for him.
It is truly said, that “When women go wrong, men go right after them”-Mae West. A woman in each and every phase of life of a man guides him and makes him capable of reaching his goal. She is present throughout his life as a mother, lover, partner, daughter, or a friend. Her support makes him grow and flourish in life. Then how possibly can she be the one who is of the weaker sex? After all “There is always a woman behind a successful man”. These days, there is a tough competition between men and women .Right from the school level, to the post graduation colleges, to offices and so on. In every phase of life you will find as many number of working ladies as you will find the men.
In each field, be it sports, literature, architecture, science, medical, artist, or for that matter even at the post of a president of a nation, you have a woman standing with equal pride like a man does. She is ruling the world these days. No one should even mistakenly think that she is lesser than any man. She is equal. In fact, she is much more than men can ever be. But still, her importance is less realised by the world, and she is just being treated as a use and throw object. Girl child is being killed in many places across the globe. There are misfortunes of the modesty of a girl being outraged. There are mothers who are ill treated. There are sufferers who face the consequences of their unrequited lovers. They are the ones who get punishes for being so lovable and multi-talented. Wake up everyone! It’s high time. We all need to realise that women were, are, and will always be a very essential part of our lives. So learn to respect them, and boost them up so that they aren’t afraid of men, rather should compete them with all the brains and capabilities they have.

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