Matha Pitha Guru Dev

This is a saying often heard in our country. Indeed, God, the creator of all, is considered the almighty and placed in the highest position in deserving reverence. Yet, quest unlikely yet not astonishingly, the hierarchy has a change. There could be artists now. But that was the time when everyone strongly believed in the existence of god. Nevertheless, they themself put the Matha in the highest position followed by Pitha, Guru and finally Dev.

What does Matha mean? She is the one who carried us for eight to nine months in her body. A life after marriage involves plenty of sacrifices which doubles, when it comes to having a child. After the hours of labour pain, she gives birth to the child, whom she then smothers with her devoted affection and care, put together as love. Day and night, taking care of the new born, she spares her sleep and appetite in order to nourish her child. Who else knows us better than our mother whom we had shared an unique bond with. No wonder, she has been credited with the priority. Unfortunately, this is not practically followed. Even in this era, many women are being ill treated. Parents do not prefer to have a girl child, owing to the fact that only a boy can provide them with a good source of income. While having a girl would only increase the expenditure, especially when it comes to getting her married. They are not given the right to be educated. Female infanticide has been banned. Yet, it is still prevalent in the rural areas. In the places where girls are allowed to study, they are either made to work as housemaids etc. in their free time or entitled to marry. The criteria for becoming a major in order to get married is turned a blind eye too. Only physical maturity is considered not the mental and in a very young age, they become mother to several children. I do not reckon a single field where ladies do not work. The problem is the culture to which they belong. We should see to that, the gender bias is completely eradicated from our nation.

Apart from this general view over the society, individually, mothers are neglected by the children. The love she gives us ultimately becomes unrequited. There is in fact no need of a special day called Mother’s Day, to remember her. Our reverence for her should be unconditional and not time bound. But as this is lacking, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 5th may every year. What is the outcome? Archie’s and other gift shops earn a fortune when people buy gifts and cards for their mother. Those who are busy, send it through post or courier. What they fail to understand is that, mothers expect their presence and not anything materialistic.

Pitha means father. How proud he does feel on hearing that he is soon going to become a father. And then, he utilizes every strength of his and sheds his sweat to earn for his children. He dreams to give them everything that he could not have in his childhood. He strives to make their dreams come true. All he wishes for in return is again love and a good name which could make him feel proud. But are fathers actually given the due respect? It is a no again.

Guru, the teacher is yet another important person in our life. They shape us up intellectually. They pass on their wisdom and knowledge that they gained all through their life. Parents know enough but do not have the time to share everything. Further, general knowledge and knowing about everything is mandatory. Here comes the role of a teacher to educate us. It will enable us to face the competitive world boldly and not feel inferior or inadequate. Not everyone who are intelligent, know how to teach and convey it. So teachers are the gifted few people, who know to put across all the details in a manner we understand. It has been a tradition for children to stay away from parents and learn. This is evident from the epics, where the princes go to gurukul to learn. Regardless of whether it is a boarding school or day’s school, a teacher’s role is all the same. Here again, most of us d not bother to say a word of this when we graduate out of the school or college. Some take phone number and other contact details but never bother to even think about the teacher. They deserve our gratitude till our last breath because, whatever we are is an outcome of what they taught us.

Science is fast advancing and scientists are curious to find out the mystery behind the origin of the universe. Many particles have been discovered – neutrino, Higgs Boson. But it is very tough to answer it and nothing has yet come to contradict the belief of a superpower – God. That is Dev. Different religions address him in various ways but all is the same – an unnatural and inhuman power that is controlling everything. People have began to convert into aethists. But whether there is really an almighty or not, it is still the slight faith on such an existence, that the amount of crime rates are relatives under control. It is only because some myths are still held that the benefits are enjoyed. No one knows if the significance of Christmas, Diwali, Id, and other festivals of the numerous number of faiths are true. Nevertheless, they hold one benefit still. Families come together. All are migrating to cities and are far apart. Joint families has become a custom of the past. But this provides a forum for all to meet. It is true in most of the cases. We do find some youth visiting shrines and pretending to be praying, for the sake of the parents. That is not right. Love for anyone should be true and heartfelt, which includes the invisible lord.

As a matter of fact, when we analyze the saying – Matha Pitha Guru Dev, we come to notice that all the four characters are extremely important in our life. To be born and grow up well, we definitely need the mother and father. Teacher shows the green signal and lights up the entire path for a bright future for us. Not the least, it is God who has created us and keeps is moving till we are destined to live. The four words are as such not given any high priority and places in the order. All four are equally important. Currently all are getting unrequited love. Very few respect their parents, revere their teachers and / or stay devotional. That is what us not right. We cannot say that a mother is greater than a father or a teacher is not as important as the parents. All are equal and together they should be kept in mind. Consequently, being good to only these four and Ill treating the others is bad. Everyone is our brother and sister. Friends and spouse are vital too. So ,so gain a healthy relationship with everyone. These four are the ones who are ignored. Youth spend more time with friends than with the four. So this lays emphasis on the natural and permanent role models of our life – father, mother, teacher and god.



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