Memories Don’t fade, Things do

Memories are an inevitable part of our mind which reminds us of our good and bad experiences. Memories, good and bad, big or small are all ours forever kept imbibed in our heart and mind. Moments that we consider precious become pearls of our past and those moments which have hurt us have also left a scratch on our heart. They all have played a very important role in the making of our memories. Some we cherish and some we want to forget but none of them can be ignored.

Sometimes our memories become our treasures and help us growing in life emotionally and become an essential part of our living. Sometimes, our memories give us an unknowing pleasure while it also haunts us in for various reasons. Our mind and heart remembers everything and keeps each bit of our golden memories engraved in our heart.


Haruki Murakami said – “Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart”. If memories are blessings, it can also play the role of shadow for many but we should always remember our shadow can be dark but it is the only thing that stays with us when light also leaves our hand. So make your memories a learning lesson if it has hurt you and a cherished victory if it has made you feel better.

Have we ever realized what kind of memories we preserve in our mind and how it affects us? Memories can never be discarded completely; they can only be kept under a stack of our other memories to let it be out of our vision. We should try to analyze how our memories have helped us in shaping our life. Life gives us a lot of chances, situations and relationships so that we live with them and make them a part of our sweet and bitter memories.


1. Childhood Days


Childhood memories are the sweetest and most innocent memories which we can have in our life. These are those memories which are formed at an age when we are unaware and ignorant about any future consequences and free to do our will. Nothing comes back, especially time. Whenever we think about our childhood memories, we become nostalgic and miss those virtuous days.

2. Teenage


The moment we lit our teen age candles; we enter a new period of extravagance and adventures. This time is full of new experiences and learning from our mistakes. We become more aware of what we are doing but still are immature to understand everything happening in our life. Such days gift us every kind of memories which are joyous and sometimes regretful since this is the time of learning.

3. School Days


Nothing can ever replace our school memories for they have made a very special place in our heart forever. During our school life, we grow and achieve many things and make new friends for a lifetime. Friends made during our school days are friends forever. School days memories are cherished for every reason whether it is our results or scolding from teachers or our mischief. We enjoy it to its core.

4. College Days


After our school days are over, we enter extended part of our mischievous life, that is, college days. College days are fun and with less restrictions than school ones. These memories are formed of our performance in the race of our life. In college, we learn to work towards a goal and form many targets to achieve in our life. It symbolizes those memories which we always dream to live once again. We miss it the most on the last day of graduation.

5. Birthdays


Birthdays are always memorable since it reminds us that each of us are special born on a special day on a special time. Birthday memories never get old even if we are getting old each day. It lets us enjoy our life and gives us one more reason to celebrate our life and make it a moment to remember. Birthday memories bring a quick smile on our face every time we remember it. It also reminds us all those people who make it special.

6. New  Year Eves


Every year begins its new journey of 365 days or 366 days on a New Year eve. However ignorant or sad we are in our life, we celebrate our new year with the hope that things that happened in last year shall not happen the coming year and it may brings happiness and new opportunities for us. New Year celebration memories are always special since it marks the beginning of a new thinking and a whole new way of living.

7. Achievements Remembrance


Every one of us must have achieved something in our life that always gives us self-confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves. We never forget the days of our achievements and always try to transfer our lessons learnt while reaching our achievements to our next generation so that they become competent and confident.

8. Depressive Days


Some memories leave us broken. We all experience some events in our life that break us from within and the moment we remember them, it brings depressive thoughts about our life. Such events may include death of near and dear ones, break-ups and change in relationships with change in time. We try to forget those memories which hurt us but memories can fade, but never die. People come and go from our life but their memories always remain with us.

9. Reunion Days


Reunion is coming together of old friends and family after a long time remaining apart from each other. Reunion rejuvenates us and lets us meet with our old friends and family members. Reunion memories have their own importance and they signify that time may pass, but memories always keep our life and feelings alive. Reunions keep our memories alive and reminds us about our past once again.

10. Family Memories


Family is the most important part of our life. The time we spend with our family can never be replaced with any other treasure in our life. We share our lives, happiness, problems and thoughts with our family. They are our support of living and more memories we have of our family, richer we are in the world of memories.

Time waits for no one, but time gives us those moments which we always cherish as our wonderful memories. Live life for the present, you never know whether there’s any tomorrow or not but there is always a past full of memories. Enjoy each moment of your life and make it a lifetime memory. Louis L’Amour said –“No memory is ever alone; it’s at the end of a trail of memories, a dozen trails that each have their own associations.

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