How I Met My Voice Crush

People usually take tea or coffee in the morning as they come out of their quilt and start their brand new day but when it is about me then it is different. There is something more important for me than tea or coffee for starting my day and that is to play with my guitar. As I open my eyes, I pick my guitar and play some of my most favorite compositions and then my day begins. With the melody of it, everyday paints a surprisingly unique and beautiful picture for me.


That day was also no different. It had been more than one hour that I was in the bathroom and was singing my newly composed songs. Yeah, it was my bathroom where I used to sing during morning time. My whole hobby of singing grew and developed in the bathroom in a way. It was really being late as at that day, I had to drop my mom to the temple in the city. Mom called my name and told me to come out of the bathroom as soon as possible. I left to sing, took shower and got ready to drop her.

I sprayed my all time favorite scent and quickly ran downwards. Though she gave me a tough look for being late but I made her smile by smiling myself.

Yes, I was entirely reluctant to go to temple but sometimes life gives us surprises and makes us realize that it also has its plans and sometimes those plans are more beautiful than ours.

It is the most congested area of the city where the temple is located. It is certainly the oldest portion of the city too. Finally we reached to the destination by crossing all the rush and noise. Mom entered into the campus of the temple and told me to buy some garlands from the florist shops over there. I went to the shop to buy garland but as I reached there I got to hear a really sweet and melodious voice amid all hubbub and it just caught my whole attention instantly.

I wanted to hear to that voice continuously but as par mom’s order, I bought the garland and rushed towards temple campus but that voice had stuck into my head. A quick idea came into my mind that I would hand it over to mom and would come back to hear the song and I did the same. I went near the shop, where I had heard that voice but perhaps I had been late. That voice wasn’t in the air now. I tried to guess the houses near that shop from where it could have come and peeped into some but couldn’t find. I don’t know what happened to me that day? But that voice had just taken me over. Those 2 minutes of her melodious voice had made me her fan. I even didn’t know whose voice was that but that was excellent and soul touching.

It had been evening but that voice was going on into my head. I was trying to copy that composition sung by her. Though I was being unable to recall the words, the way they were but I was being unable to forget her voice too. It was simply mesmerizing. Along with it, I thought that how couldn’t I know about the presence of this beautiful voice in my city? It had impressed me within that short period.

The only thing that I really hated was that I couldn’t go to the temple after that day for a long-span of time as my class tests were going on along with my extra classes, so I couldn’t make the time to go there, though I wanted to. I got busy with my usual collage stuffs and had almost forgotten that sweet voice. Days had passed and memory of that sweet voice had now gone into my subconscious mind.

But they say “everything has a perfect time to occur “ and my life was also waiting for that perfect time, I think.

It was a holiday after a long time and I was free as all my exams and classes were over. I told my mom to cook something special and went into kitchen to help her. My mom has a habit of listening to radio while cooking, so I turned the radio on. An interview was going on air at that time so I didn’t pay any heed towards that as I was busy in chopping onions but all of a sudden I stopped and increased the volume of the radio as I heard that song being sung by the girl who was on the radio at that time. Yes, it was her. It just triggered all the sweet memories of that day and drew it on the conscious level of my mind. I just couldn’t believe that it was her on the radio being interviewed. I couldn’t make mistake to recognize her voice as only I knew how much it had impacted me within those 2 minutes when I heard her voice for the first time near temple and now when I heard the same song from her on the radio, it just made my day. As the song ended, I jumped out of excitement and overwhelming feeling. Even my mom was amazed to see me doing like this. I hugged her in zest. She couldn’t gauge the reason behind me being suddenly crazy but laughed and felt surprisingly happy. Finally, I got to know her name and also about a competition where she was going to participate.

My life had gotten a new goal now. I had started to practice a lot as I also wanted to participate in that competition, only to meet her. It was really a time when I was in an altogether different frame of mind. It felt as if I was walking on clouds.

I was never into old film songs but it was her voice’s impact that made me feel her resemblance to an old song which I listened many times, only because it used to reinforce her identity in my mind.

 “Name will get changed, face will get changed but I will get remembered by my voice only, if you will try to remember it.”

Though except this song I never tried to listen to any other old song but my mom was happy about it that at least I tried to understand the melody of old compositions and listened to the one. It was like a personal victory for her.

Well, the day of the competition was coming near. I had never seen her but her voice had a kind of magic that had made me so crazy that I really worked hard for that competition. It almost worked as a drive for me to work hard.

And finally the day arrived. I touched my mom’s feet, took my guitar and went ahead towards the venue. I kept on playing the guitar even in the bus but in my mind it was only her voice which was running. The excitement to see her for the first time was at its peak. There were many imaginations and prejudices too. With mixed feelings in my heart, I finally entered the venue. There was rush at the venue. Many guys and girls were holding their guitar or the other musical instruments and amid all those people my eyes were searching the owner of that beautiful voice.

I kept on seeking her for more than 20 minutes but my turn was about to come, so I went for the audition. I sang pretty well. Judges liked me too. I was happy but still my aim was incomplete. I knew her name but couldn’t meet her that day due to so much of rush and not knowing her by face. It was really depressing for me. The day for which I waited so long couldn’t turn the way I expected it to.

Next few days went not so good but somehow I managed to keep myself up at least in front of mom and my friends.

Now, I was desperately waiting for the audition’s results to be out and my cell phone rang. It was my friend, who was even more excited than me for my audition’s results as he wanted to boast about me in front of his colleagues. He screamed and congratulated me on my selection in the competition. Firstly, I couldn’t believe on it but his enthusiasm index compelled me to believe on it. I felt happy and mom too felt proud of me as only five singers had been selected out of more than 150.

We all five selected singers had to meet on that same venue to practice together for the next competition to be held. It was raining that day and I had been late. I rushed towards bus stand with my guitar and reached my destination. I had been late terribly. I could hear the sound of drumbeat and harmonium from the entrance of the venue. I was feeling guilty as even at the first day of rehearsal, I was late. I was walking swiftly but then a voice reached to my ears and I couldn’t stop my feet running upwards.

Yes, it was her voice. As I heard her voice, my face just lighted up with thousand watt smile. I just began to run upstairs where rehearsal was happening. She had also been selected. My heart started beating a bit faster. All drumbeat and harmonium’s sound was adding to her melodious voice. The volume of her voice as well as the drumbeat and harmonium were increasing as I was reaching nearer to the rehearsal hall. It was her voice, which had captivated me and was pulling me towards it with so much of attraction.

With all these feelings and a thumping heart, I finally reached to the hall and as I reached there, time stopped for a while. I felt as if I have got something, which I was craving for a long time. I finally got a chance to see her singing. It was priceless for me to see her singing. All the past moments started to flashback in front of my eyes. I was there in the hall but the happiness to meet my voice crush had taken me in the dreamland.

She came to me, introduced herself and made a handshake and her warmth touch made my dreams come true.

We had started to practice together at the decided venue and yes, it was still raining.

This is how I met my voice crush.

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