The Might and Power of a Woman

Position of women in the society has always been a questionable one. Right from the ancient times the relation between women and society has been a matter of tussle. Society had never been able to see women rising from their place. In all the countries of the world be it England, India, Greece or Afghanistan the society had been complete patriarchal. Though we have seen a prodigious rise in the status of women since then but the beginning of every society had been similar in one or the other way.


The male domination was rampant in every country of the world and still the practice is continued at many places. Tracing the examples from history, we have seen that in the Greek society during the Peloponnesian war women were confined within the four walls of the house. They were not allowed to enter into the domain of the male world.

They were expected to indulge only in the household chores and had no say in the matters of politics and outside world as it was considered to be the business of men only. Women always possessed a vulnerable position in the society. They were always kept at the margins. They were treated as the commodity ready to be exchanged at the market place. Coming towards the English society; there too the situation was no better. British who are famous in the whole world for their manners and etiquettes lag no behind in the unjust treatment of women. Here again women were not given the same rights as the males did possess.

The background of their education was entirely different from the men. They were initially not admitted to school and kept at home and taught how a woman should behave like. And even if they were sent to schools; there too all they were taught was how to be good daughters and good wives.



What is a woman’s identity, a daughter, sister, wife or a mother? But the question arises why can’t a woman be seen as an individual? Even after so much progress and modernism in the world, attitude towards women has not changed much. In one way or the other patriarchy still exists in the society somewhere openly while at some places in a concealed way. Even if a woman works as a successful employee in a big company, she is reminded of her domestic duties.

Why is a woman expected to carry all domestic responsibilities on her shoulders? From cooking to the upbringing of kids, it’s the woman who is held responsible. Now coming to the biggest problem women face, that is physical assault. In domestic spheres or in public arena, women are spared nowhere from physical torture. This torture comes in the form of violence and sexual trauma. Sexual harassment of women is quite often seen. Rape cases, eve-teasing, whistling etc. could be easily heard and observed. Not only they are compelled to suffer through this physical trauma but also the society makes it difficult for them to lead a normal life, thereby pushing them into chains of mental stress. Why a woman is called an epitome of man’s honour? If a woman is raped she is treated distinctly by the society as if it was her fault. The very woman who was considered an equal member of the society starts being seen as ‘impure’ and on this basis is excluded from the social norms. In every manner, it is the woman whose faults are pointed out by the society.



According to a survey five most dangerous countries of the world in terms of women protection are Somalia, India, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan. Mistreatment of women in these countries is very threatening. Domestic violence, acid attacks, sexual harassment are very rampant in these countries. There is a need for improvement in the status of women not only in these countries but in the world as a whole. Understanding the worth women in this society is very important.

It is the woman who gives birth to man. Female foeticide is so rampant in many countries that the sex ratio has been imbalanced. Imagine, if there are no women how would the men be born? It is said that women are dependent on men even if they but practically if it is to be seen then there can be no doubt in saying that men depend on women for their very existence. Men are supported by the society in every action and if they fail they are encouraged to get success but for women second chances are rarely permitted.

Though we have so many examples set before us of successful women who have excelled in their fields and have also successfully fulfilled their duties. But still the society ignores all good for a single folly done by them. The relationship between women and the society has been evolving since long and a lot of changes are observed. There is definitely a rise in the position of women in the society but the conservative mind set of some people is still to be changed so as to bring out equality between men and women in every possible manner.

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