Million dollar dream! Road Less Travelled

Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

~Robert Frost


Imagine a situation when we are provided with two paths. One is full of thorns and abrupt whereas the other one is smooth. What would be our reaction first by seeing two all together different options? I am sure majority of us would opt for the smother path. Isn’t it? Moreover our parents would push us to go for the easy way. Here the case was different he opted for the difficult path and worked upon it. Many of us have wanted to become musicians and vocalist. How many us of actually make it through? Due to lack of training and support we drop our dream. Instead of opting for our pursuit of happiness we pursue our parent’s dream. No doubt his parents were his supporting pillars and pushed him all the way to pursue his goal. All this constituted a complete blend of music and melody. It chiseled a musician who is now appreciated all the way and is known for his talent.


Even I was oblivious of the eminence of Mishra brothers until I had randomly googled their names. Out of my prospect there were numerous links of their classical music and background. Wow! I was astounded as I am closely associated with one of them and that is Varun Mishra, my friend. He was for eternity into music since school days as far as I remember. Till then I was ignorant that, he would create his forte in music so satisfactorily around the globe.


We were classmates in 6th standard and he used to be a great hit amongst females. His melody would confiscate all your worries from your soul and land you in a totally different place. Such was his charisma during those childhood days. His music was well known in our school and later as we grew up and got into our secondary classes, his voice became recognizable all over the city. Not to lie, till then too, I wasn’t aware that his silhouette for classical music is so strong that he would carve a career out of it. He chose the road which was less traveled and created a milestone of his own name.


He belongs to a musical family. From his forefather to his young sibling’s music is entrenched in their essence. Inspired by his father and elder brother he chose music as his career. Initially many people had criticized him saying this field might not yield money all the way. Unaffected, he trained himself under his family’s guidance and caught hold of the right string of music. Renowned all over the country he spreads sensations of classical music. Those vibrations will yield positivity in your psyche and ventilate up your mind completely. If you hear him doing riyaaz ,I can put money on, you will leave all your vocation and flounce in the melody of that virtuous resonance. It is incredible. During his concerts all over the globe, you will notice people of every age. Right from youngsters to senior citizens, we witness people of every age group enjoying the Indian classical music. His tune spreads ambiance of positivity and delight. He himself stated once that, when I practice it I feel very untainted and closely allied with my obsession for music. He made his passion as his profession. Not every one of us gets a chance to do the same. We feel apprehensive whenever it comes to choose the road which is less traveled. Fears of failure surround us and due to this we step back. He is an example for all such people who are fearful to follow their fervor and zeal.


Whosoever meets the young chap is full of positive reception and high regard for him. At such a young age he had inculcated beautiful melody in his spirit. Who would not value such an exquisite talent? Initially he had faced obstacles, people would often comment that make music your hobby not your career. He listened to their positive criticism and worked more passionately. Road was full of pebbles at first but as the time passed it became polished and luminous. Now he stands as a virtuoso in Classical Music. From a tyro to a maestro he loved his journey since it involved his hard-work and fortitude all together.


Comprehend what you wish for and work consequently. There are sufferings in the midway yet never give up. Essence of success is waiting for you at the end. Life is not the bed of roses excluding only we can grow roses and make our path silky and full of scintillation. Each pain and agony will look minuscule in the end. People will criticize you, offend you but don’t lose hope and chase it until you get hold of it. In the long run you will realize how beautiful that journey was and you yourself have created a milestone of your own name.Success comes to those who have the zeal to taste it.

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