Miracles Happen to Those Who Believe In Them

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as though everything is a miracle”

-Albert Einstein

Can miracles occur or do they happen? What does miracle even mean? The dictionary meaning of the word would be a marvelous event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent or simply put a wonderful occurrence. Although, the true meaning of miracle is known only by that person who has actually experienced it or might have seen it.

I’ am an early riser by force and today while I was in shower, I had this feeling that it’s going to be a good day. Maybe its an extended feeling of nearly missing an accident and being saved in few seconds without colliding a huge running bus last night. Usually, most of my ideas good or bad comes to me in odd places where I cannot even reach out to a simple paper and a pen to make notes if its good and I need them to be written in my writings, like today the feeling of sharing my thoughts on a miracle started when I was in shower. Alright! Go ahead and have your laugh, but I am sure it happened to you too at least once in your life time and I believe you agree with me that our mind works amazingly when we are in odd places, it does at least to me. I like to believe that its going to be a good day everyday, though I might not know if its really going to be good or bad and I believe in miracles too.

A miracle can happen to anyone at anytime. We might have heard a lot many people saying that miracle do not happen and there is no such thing. When we do not believe in something, it is impossible to see it. People who do not believe in miracles, just ignore when it actually happens to them or even witness a miracle. We read many stories over the internet and the socializing network posts about how an illness was cured for someone when he or she was diagnosed with no cure. Some take it as a blessing and some ignore it blaming an ignorance of the medical professionals involved.

Real-life stories are one of the best examples for miracles and there are plenty out there. Most of us have heard about the famously known incident as ‘Miracle of the 34th Street’. Weston Keeton, a seven year old boy of 34th street of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania fought for his life with a heart disease and a pulmonary hypertension. The family has lost all the hopes of his survival. The only chances of survival was with a heart and double lung transplant and it was an impossible fact when there were about 118,000 men, woman and children waiting for the same in the list. But Weston, had a blessing and miraculously on the night of December 12th his parents received the notification of a possible donor. After a long hours of surgery he survived. Weston is a true example of miracle today.

Weston Keeton

Weston Keeton

There are a lot of speculative remarks when one says it is not a miracle, people always want to reason it out by telling it is just the person will power or the strength or their quick thinking which saved them. But sometimes having all these things at the right moment is itself a miracle. What happens in our future is never in our hands, but we can always try to achieve better things and miracles occur when you believe and focus on it.

Miracles don’t just happen, people make them happen”

– Misato Katsuragi

Have a clear mind


When we fear about something to happen it usually happens, mostly because we anticipated or its just the fact we knew. So always think positive even when you know the end result could be a negative, because future is never known and your own positive belief can turn something to a positive result.

Believe in surviving


Don’t give up before the miracle happens. When it feels like an end and there is no way, do not panic or loose faith. Have patience and do your best and keep trying for what you are looking for. There is always an answer for the one who tries. Like I said, miracles happen to those who believe in it.



To be God loving is one thing while to be God fearing is another. Do not do any kind of a ritual to have a miracle just because someone else beliefs says so. Pray to God in your own way and never stop it. Because prayers are one way to have faith in things around us and provides us the strength and will-power to keep going.

The choices we make, is all ours and we can choose to hold on or we can choose to let go. To hold on we need to develop the most important qualities like will-power, focus and belief. These things developed, will never let you fail. Miracles always happens all around us, only thing is, we should be ready to see it.

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