What are We Missing out During our rush towards Existence?

Very recently I had embarked on the first step of my career in the corporate world. Before being a part of the corporate setup I’d promised myself to become a systematic person and avoid the ‘I-do-not-have-time-for-this’ answer. Initially (4 days to be precise) everything went as per the plan. After that, as each day passed by I started skipping almost everything with the help of the very predictable phrase ‘I-do-not-have-time-for-this’. It is only when I took up this topic to write, did I realize that I had lost so much of time!


Not just that, I think somewhere down the line I’ve lost a whole lot of things. I’ve lost touch with most of my friends, I ‘do not have time’ to sit and talk to my folks, I don’t blog as much as I used to before, I don’t smile as often I used to, I’ve not been out in the sun for ages and etc etc etc. On the other hand, the only thing that I can write about gaining is, gaining weight. Yes! I have put on weight because I seem to fall short of time for exercise (sigh!) .I could go on and on forever.
But deep inside my heart I know all this is going to change and the only thing necessary is me working towards it.

I am still a newbie and I feel my problems are nothing when I see a few others in my surroundings; these few others consist of anybody and everybody who crosses my path while I’m on way to work. I see couples rushing to work and while they bid goodbye to each other, there is no hint of love or affection seen because they’re pre occupied with their office commitments. Whatever happened to love and its promises. I see people swallowing their breakfast while they’re driving. The joy of having a breakfast like a king seems to be a thing of the past. Being surrounded with air conditioners all the times has taken away the joy of basking in the sun. While these may seem really petty, futile to a few of you, but these are the little things that add value to our life.

We’ve embraced stress as if it is a part of our life. I agree, sometimes life is about struggles, but by making stress a part of our lives is complete stupidity. In this new age of speed and technology, we’ve forgotten what slowing down feels like, we’ve not just worn ourselves out physically, but are also drained emotionally. A lot of our energies are wasted in unnecessary things; instead we always have the option of investing them in fruitful things. In this era of WhatsApp, Facebook etc we’re able to communicate across long distances, but we’ve forgotten what it feels like when you have an actual, in person conversation with our friends. We’ve forgotten what it feels like when we miss somebody, we’ve forgotten what it feels like when we write a letter to somebody. Yes, you might wonder what kind of happiness you would get by doing the above things. I bet you, you wouldn’t understand what it feels like until you do it.

We live such programmed lives these days. So much so that we despise even the word ‘change’. It horrifies me when I see people get upset when their routine gets disturbed. Does nobody want a little bit of surprise and change in their lives? And sometimes hints of hypocrisy erupt from people when they say their live are dull and monotonous and their entire lifetime is wasted because they’ve been cribbing all the while.

All of us are busy saving up for the future, getting anxious about a promotion, anxious whether or not we’ll be well off 20 years from and planning for the future. While it’s nice to have a plan B, but somewhere in the rush of making our plan B all the more better and bigger, we’ve ignored our plan A. What I mean is we put in so much of time and energy to chalk out future plans but are doing horribly bad when it comes to our present. When we haven’t given our 100% to our present, it is utter stupidity to expect cent percent returns for our future plans.


As I draw up to a conclusion on this, I become more aware of how I have been missing out on a whole lot of things. I’ll make sure I spend more time with my loved ones; I’m going to do things that make me happy, without a second thought; I’m going to be more genuine, I’m going to spend more time on present than getting anxious unnecessarily for nothing, I’m going do one such thing everyday that’ll add break the monotony of my life, I’m going to all that it takes to make my life a journey that I’m going to cherish till my last breath and most importantly I’m going to listen to my heart and do whatever feels right so that I do not have to regret later for the things that I have missed.

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