Is Modern Life Victimizing us?

A question quite consistently asked throughout the modern ages, is the modern lifestyle equipped with modern technologies a boon or bane for us? Why do we devise new techniques and various gadgets? Are they actually making our life comfortable or compelling us to be paralysed? It is definitely a surprising or even more, a shocking point of view but it is worth paying attention that the modern lifestyle which today’s population has adapted is not all benefiting. It is true that everything has its side-effects or flaws attached to it but we should adopt only those habits that leave less negative impact on us. The rapid advancement in the technology has no doubt resulted in the growth and development of living standards of people but at the same time, it has made people prey of its addiction.


A number of inventions take place every day providing more comforts to our life. One of the greatest inventions is internet facility, through which we can get connected to any part of the world by sitting at our homes. Yes, it has proved very helpful in many aspects that with it we can be aware of the well-being of our friends living in the other corner of the world. But at the same cyber-crimes have come more into existence. Rather than its proper use, people are misusing it. People have started using it for identity theft, cyber stalking, child pornography, malware etc. Not only the cyber-crimes but also with the introduction of social networking, people, especially today’s generation keeps itself unnecessarily busy with it. The young generation of the world is so engrossed in the realms of internet that they hardly get time to spend with their families and nature. So, the same internet that connects people living far away has made people lose their attachment with the closest people in their lives.

Now days, we have become so much dependent on machines and gadgets that manual labour is losing its identity. For every minute work, there is a machine that does your work in less time. Though, machines are helping to save our time but at the same time making us even more lethargic. The more comfortable machine is, the more dependent we become. With the flood of different varieties of gadgets in market like mobile phones, music systems, computers etc. we are losing our social life. We now prefer to live in an enclosed place in the company of these gadgets rather than stepping out of our houses and meeting friends and kin. Thus, we are not just enjoying the latest technologies and inventions rather giving up ourselves in their hands.


By totally drowning ourselves into modern lifestyle we are not only losing contact with people around us but also with the nature. Just think once, how many of us regularly take a walk in the park or just sit in a green environment enjoying its beauty? We talk a lot about increasing pollution and other stuffs like this but when we are provided that fresh and lush green ambience, do we take advantage of it? Actually we do not. The reason many of us will give is that of busy and hectic schedule all throughout the day and so on. What is the use of being a slave to your needs? When you can’t take out time for yourself, whom are you living for? We have become the slaves of this modern lifestyle and it makes us do whatever it demands. We boast of our worldly assets but in this course we are actually losing ourselves, we losing the meaning of life.

We think that modern lifestyle is leading us to a better standard of living and making us advanced but in fact it is dragging us down in many aspects. Since the number of appliances is increasing, the major problem of disposing them also comes in the way. People take pride in possessing more and more gadgets but they hardly think about the issues that can arise when they stop coming in use. Disposal of polythene had already been a major topic of concern and now there is a big possibility of threats caused in the disposal of electronic appliances. This is to say that where on one hand modern techniques are successfully dealing with health problems, on the other hand they are also pushing us into the depressions of health issues. As we see drinking and smoking are the common trends of modern lifestyle and they are in no way contributing for a better cause.

Therefore, we can say that, though the modern technologies have not lag behind in its achievements in different arenas yet at the same time they have a negative impact on us. The lifestyle we have made ourselves drowned into, is not all giving. Rather it is taking away from us, our freedom to be ourselves. In this rational world, where we do argue for whatever that doesn’t suit us; we have let ourselves flow away with the modernism. We blindly believe on anything that comes to us in the garb of a modern idea. But it is the time not to let ourselves be a victim of modern lifestyle.


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