Everybody says that god could not accompany us in our journey in earth so he made mothers, mothers hold the most special position in a Child`s life even before the baby is born, she is the one who holds the baby for 9 months in her womb from where starts the journey of a new life.

A mother loves her kids in all situation because she is the one who bears the child and gives him birth, mothers love is incomparable, nobody can ever replace the sacred place every mother holds in her child’s heart, no matter what kind of relation is built later between the child and the mother but throughout life mother is that special angel whose love and affection nurtures the child.


The word mother itself brings millions of emotions and affectionate feelings in our heart, we start recalling all those beautiful memory we have shared with our mother, distance doesn`t decrease a mothers feeling instead a mother is the one who will call you ten times a day to ask if her child is all right, she keeps the bond strong forever, it`s said a child never grows up for a mother. A mother`s heart if like an ocean of love whatever her child is doing her heart has ample of love.

Mother takes care of a child more than anybody else in the world , she`s the one who sacrifices her interests to make sure her child is living a life of luxury, she would spend hr whole life wearing just one cloth and eating all that is left after she feeds her children, she the one who spends endless nights awake when her child is unwell to see her child recover . she takes all pains all scoldings all blames on her head to make her child happy and never lets harsh words affect her child`s tender heart.

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Mother is every child`s first teacher , along with the academics she teaches her child the rules of life, every mother dreams of her child to become the best person of the world , she is the one who gets a million times happy to see her child succeed and then flaunts off her child`s achievement as if it`s her own. She is the one who feels the pain a lot more times than her child when her child is hurt.

Mother scolds her child for little mistakes because she never wants her children to go wrong ever and deviate from the rights of life, she sometimes even beats her children to teach them what is right or wrong to make her child a good person when he grows up. Even a women who is herself not educated teaches her children all goods of life and desires her children to be well educated and the best person he can ever be, a mother feeds her child with ten times better food than she herself eats and takes well heed for the growing and nourishment of her little one, for every mother her little baby is like her angel whose responsibility is in the mothers hands to mould unto an aware adult, but the truth is that a mother is like a gods incarnate to earth, whose angelic womb is blessed with a seed of a new soul  , from the day a woman becomes a mother she grows responsible for two lives on her own and the other of tender little being, a mothers is said to contain the most pious of all feelings in this entire universe.


Mothers love and attachment cannot be defined in words neither those feelings of overwhelming care and affection be replaced by anyone, a mother is like an umbrella in all storms, she`s like a boat which helps to cross oceans, she` s a key to our journey in this world, whatever be the situation she`s ready to fight for her child against all odds she stays beside her child like a shield protecting her little one. There is no need of visiting any temple unless we have our mothers she is more than the god for her children in this world. It`s not just about our mothers everyone’s mother is as special and should hold that post of utmost dignity and respect, we should not only worship our mothers but all the mothers of this world who gave birth to a new life who nurtured their young once sacrificing her happiness and desire`s , every mother should be worship like mother Mary.

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No mother ever even dreams of her child’s pains, if after growing up her child does forget her or sends her to abonible places like old age centres she still wishes for her child’s wellness, she never demands for jewels or a monthly salary to take of her child she does that unconditionally without ever demanding of anything and even dying taking care of her children . we should always remember that our mother was the one who took care of us when we helplessly arrived to this place with no means to talk walk or sustain here, she was the one who nurtured us help us grow and feed us, it is our moral duty to take care of our mothers when they are in there old age , even fathers hold a sacred place in our lives but no one can ever replace a mother’s love , her touch of kindness her soothing voice and her gentle heart with overwhelming love.

Nothing can ever take place of a mother’s love and affection, she is the one who nurtured us to grow up and we (a mother`s children) should be the one to take care of her when she grows old!!


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