Mothers: truly the Provenance of Love

Well, this piece of writing I would like to dedicate to my mother and to all mothers, who are actually the epitome of unconditional love and support. They are the one, whose love can never be measured. It is unfathomable for sure. If someone would tend to think then he or she will easily get the answer that Mothers are the provenance of love, care and support. It is the fundamental relationship that a human experiences from the time he arrives into this world. We blossom in her shadow, her care nurtures us from the time when even we are unaware of ourselves. Actually she loves us from the time when we don’t know what love is all about.


“But there is a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story because here is where yours begin.”- Mitch Albom   

We all know the significance of mother in our life and we all are also well cognizant about the things she does for us irrespective of her own situations and circumstances, the countless sacrifices that she makes throughout the life just to make us feel secure and over the moon. From the childhood, she loves us like anything but as we grow up and our domain of interaction increases, the outer people from the society get entrance in our life circle and somewhere the time and place for her in heart changes. We get busy with our own sprouting dimensions of social, academic and love life. She supports us even then with only love for her children. As we grow up and start to have a mind of our own, in many situations we find her choices and decisions a bit old fashioned or disagreeable .Though we love her undoubtedly but at some point of time in life, we all face this situation of conflict and sometimes we even back answer her. Yeah! Later on we realize it and rectify it. We all have our own shares of happy and tiff moments with our mom and Avinash Shrivas was also not an exception.

Hello! I am Avinash Shrivas, a 24 years old working guy, a novice to be said precisely.

A few months back, it was my birthday and also the deadline of our project. I woke up in the morning, got prepared swiftly and was in a usual hurry to fit into my regularly hectic day. I knew mom would have forgotten my birthday because of  getting entangled in household chores and I was fine by it. Radio in low volume with the bumping utensil’s sound is the background score in my house during morning time as my mother makes breakfast and tiffin for my office. ‘Take two more parathas”, mom said to me as I was on the dining table gorging on parathas in haste and I said, “no mom, it is impossible. I am already late. I need to go. I went downstairs rapidly. With all the thoughts regarding presentation and office work. I had travelled halfway and suddenly I was apprehensive if I had kept my file in the bag? I got tensile lines on my forehead. I stopped and started to grope and search inside the bag and sighed in disappointment.

I took a turn and returned home. Mom was standing there on the porch with that file on her hand. She came downstairs and handed that to me. I took it from her hand and looked into her eyes. She smiled and said “Go quickly but be safe”. I ran again like jet plane for the office and finally reached my office.

Everything was outstanding there but somewhere I couldn’t impress the boss as much as I thought I would. I was good but still I wanted to be the best today, which I wasn’t for sure. Everyone was appreciating me but I could feel their vibes, they were not honest enough. Inside I was disappointed, though I threw a birthday party to my colleagues, it was disturbing for me as I had really worked hard for it and could not achieve it on the big day.

As a birthday gift, I got half day leave from office. I was silent and slightly disappointed, I was continuously thinking about why couldn’t I perform better. While returning home in the auto, I kept quiet.

Rajesh, my neighbor, called my name from rooftop of his house as he saw me coming towards home and he informed that he had the keys to my home as my mother had gone somewhere and will return in sometime.

It had been two hours and I was waiting for mom to come home. I was already disturbed and now was being angry on her that why wasn’t she in home at that time? I even didn’t drink water just in frustration.

After half an hour, the bell rang. I went and opened the door and as I saw mom, I just went aggressive .I started to bring out all my frustration on her. I said,”There is nobody at home to ask me for even a glass of water? Nobody cares for me in this house.” Everybody was stunned including me after this. I moved into my room silently.

Few hours later, it was 6:30 in the evening, a cute voice calling my name knocked the door of my room. It was Riya’s voice. My five year old niece, Riya, entered the room and hugged me. She told that I am being called outside in the hall.

“Happy birthday to you” was the jingle of the evening as I entered the hall. Even my brother was singing this jingle, which was most surprising thing for me but happy one too. ‘Mom brought the cake by her choice’ my brother said to me jumping joyfully amid all the noise of a Bollywood song being played on music player while I was about to cut the cake. My mom put the cake’s first cut piece into my mouth and hugged me tightly wishing me a happy birthday and I couldn’t say much.



Celebration ended but guilt was at its peak inside. I didn’t behave properly today with mom since a few days. I was lying down on the bed but sleep was far from me. I was staring outside the window and suddenly mom came inside the room with lukewarm hair oil in a bowl. I was quiet and closed my eyes as I was feeling ashamed to look into her eyes. She sat near me and kept my head on her lap and started to massage my head reminiscing about my childhood days and its associated memories. She didn’t take my any bad behavior on her heart. She was unaffected, ever loving as always. She was talking about me and I could sense her happiness and suddenly a tear erupted from my closed eyes. She asked me in a pampering voice “What happened to you? Why are you crying? She took my face in her hands and as she did this I just broke down into tears. I started crying like a child. I embraced her tightly and kept on crying saying sorry. She also hugged me back tightly saying “You are my son, my love is always there for you my baby. You are my heart, my life.” These words were resonated in my heart.

At that time I felt as though I am in heaven. Nothing stood in front of that warm touch of her. Everything seemed tiny in front of her unconditional love. I felt good.

Really, Mothers are the provenance of love.

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