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Life is full of ups and down, it is full of hurdles. To achieve success or goal of our life we have to work hard for it. But sometime we experience failure in our life and we lose all our hopes and get disappointed. So in such situation motivation plays an important role in our life. We need someone to motivate ourselves. But if there is no one to motivate you then don’t wait for others know the techniques to motivate yourself. From time to time we all need some kind of motivation in our difficult time.

Till now we all talked about the importance of motivation in our life, but do we really know what does motivation really means. When you force or influence that causes someone to do something that is called motivation. It is a process of motivating others as well as yourself also. We can take a example like some students need motivation to help them grow through school. Motivation is a combination of  collection of things and it usually include some type of fear or intense desire. “I think I can,” “I think I still can,” and “I’m doing it!” is what we call motivation. Because of motivation, we are going to enhance or magnify in on three things: developing confidence, staying focused, and maintaining direction and we are off!


Sometime, it does not matter to us how experienced we are or how much we have accomplished, we all can use a little help to keep going, a bit of motivation if you will. So firstly, we should get out of our comfort zone and stay focus . We should stop thinking in terms of fear and afraid of failure, instead we should fight against fear and move forward towards our goal.It’s a human nature, they think of negative instead of the positive.  We should be focus towards our goal and try different ways to achieve. Don’t think of negatives or failure instead make negative things also positive. Failure also teaches us lesson to move forward towards our goal by trying a different approach. So why to fear from failure? Life is just like a photography, you use the negatives to develop. Don’t be afraid to make any mistake. Mistakes are the proof that you are at least trying to reach your goal. Mike Moore says-“Wisdom helps us avoid making mistakes and comes from making million of them”.  it is a real fact of our life that when you get out of your comfort zone, then only great things happens.  Secondly, do focus and make a plan to achieve it. Define and analyze your goal what you want to achieve in your life. Give your goal the first priority in your life and make a suitable plan so that you can easily achieve it. Planning beforehand will help you to achieve your target . Set your concrete or real steps towards your goal. In other words, we can say that first you need to figure out what you want or what is your desire or goal and then make a plan step by step  and follow it. If you really want to achieve your desire then it won’t be all that hard to figure out.


Whatever goal you have,read about it, it will motivate you.The more you will read it the more you will get motivated. It sounds silly but it really works ,try it. Read the stories of the successful people in that field, it will help you to feel impel, delegate and fortify with resources. The journey of successful person will also give you ideas to make a better plan to achieve your goals.


Don’t focus on no. of goals , it will be difficult for you to achieve all the goals at same time.  Focus on one one goal at one time it will be easy for you to achieve it.  If you have no. of goals, it will become difficult for you to focus on all the goals, so keep it to just one. Increasing number of goals will distract and take you away from your path. One goal makes you doable and you can easily focus on it. Next step is to make your plan fun. Make your journey towards your goal an enjoyable journey . The more entertaining  your journey will be ,the more you will chase and follow it and the more you will  chase and follow it, the better you will gain it and then the better you gain it, the faster the end result will come.



Give rewards to yourself for your success. Let’s be honest. As we all know that life is a journey of hurdles, we face many ups and down in our journey and if you want to achieve something then you have to overcome all the hurdles of your life. In that way only, the results also don’t come soon enough, you must have patience if you want to see the end results. So do not wait for your end success just reward yourself time to time it will always motivate you. Another step towards motivation is to build up your confident level.Be confident to follow each and every path which brings you towards your goal. Don’t lose your confident thinking of the end result and always  follow the path which takes you close towards your goal. If you fail to achieve your goal by following that path,  then don’t be disappointed follow the other path, it will definitely take you closer towards your goal. It is a real fact of our life that we learn from our mistakes and it helps us to think in a different way which takes us closer to our goal.


Next step is to surround yourself always with positivity and be with a positive people. Positive people will act as an motivating factor in your life and they will always try to motivate you in some way or the other. Be always with a positive people who can become the factors of your motivation not the factor of your failure. Try to avoid negative people in your life so that they do not distract and take  you from your path.  Try to keep a positive attitude in every situation and  always choose to be happy because happy people are easily motivated. You cannot control or choose your circumstance, but  you can definitely choose your attitude towards your circumstances.


To motivate yourself, you can also use visualization technique.For a few minute each day, think that you achieve your goal. It will motivate you to move forward towards your goal. Visualization will always develop your interest, confident and will motivate you. It helps you to stay focused towards your goal and constantly remind you why you are doing something. Always try to maintain your direction towards your goal and stay excited. Choose  and experiment different path to reach your goal. Always keep yourself ready or prepared and read motivational books, follow industry leaders, surround yourself with motivational images and always cheer yourself for what you are doing. Second last step is to refine your plan you have made. Once you have set your goal and you have  decided how you are going to achieve it…but as you go on this path you might found that a few of the things that you have made in your plan are not working properly or they are too time-consuming . So it is the time to analyze your results and do a little twist in your plan. Make a list of activities that you have been doing to reach your goal and then find out the high priority activities and follow them step by step.


At last, chart your progress you have achieved till now. Keep track of your progress so  that you cannot sit down and see how great you are doing. If there is a need to make some changes then you can make it. Your progress report will help you to make desire changes in your plan. Now that is motivating!Jack Dixon says- “If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results”. So always try to motivate yourself and others, it will always energize you and will bring you closer to your dream. follow the above step, it will help you to achieve your goal or target.


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