How much is too much?

We’re all used to doing something or the other so frequently that it becomes a part of our day to day lives. We’ve all heard the saying excess of everything is bad. But how do you know you’re crossing the line? That’s one thing we most often skip thinking about. As long as we’re used to something and it’s making us happy, we find it very convenient to continue the process in the same manner because now it has become a habit very hard to get rid of. So, firstly, why exactly do we need to draw a line? And where do you need to draw the line exactly? One, this drawing the line rule is universally applicable on nearly everything. Overdoing anything at all never brings any positive results. Be it something important like investment or charity, or even something seemingly insignificant like bathing or eating. In fact, being overtly nice to everybody and trying to do good for everyone else is also wrong on many levels. Because without you even noticing, people begin to take your giving nature for granted and start taking advantage of you.



Since you’re busy drowning in all the niceness you don’t take note of these things immediately. It’s only later that you realise that most people don’t even appreciate all the wonderful things you’re doing to make their life easier. Not that you do it with the purpose of gaining any recognition, but then everyone needs some kind of acknowledgement. And if you’re so busy looking after everyone else, when will you find the time for yourself? Now things like bathing and eating, well, that’ll sound very casual I know. But people who spend unusually long in the bathroom because they just want to bathe and bathe and clean every inch of their body with such precision, well there are people outside who are waiting for you. I’ve been a victim of this so let me tell you, it’s extremely annoying. And excessive eating, well unless and until you’re blessed with a super fast metabolism, you’ll just become really fat. I don’t think you’d really like that so that’s up to you. Now, answering the first question about why there’s a need to draw a line in the first place. The guy who said excess of everything is bad must’ve thought of something right? There’s an obvious limit set for everything. It could be set personally too, but you know there’s always this appropriate amount of everything, which makes it sound very balanced and uncomplicated. And as much as you’d like to be on the other side of the line, once you get there, you’ll be really disappointed. You either end up hurting or causing some damage to someone else or yourself. People who regularly consume alcohol have reasons like, it gives you a high, it helps you loosen up and lose control.

Alcoholic Holding Liquor Glass

You don’t need alcohol to deal with a personality trait of yours, if you’re uptight that is. Still, it’s alright to drink within a limit socially if you want to. But the higher the consumption, higher are the risks of countless diseases. And that’s still farfetched, the immediate after effects of drinking aren’t very pleasant either provided you’re not fond of vomit. So yes, there is a limit to everything, right where appropriate turns into absurd, and the absurd side is only appealing till you’re not well settled in it. And alcohol is a very basic and obvious example I’ve taken. There are just too many things that you overdo without even noticing it. Maybe you talk too much, I do as a matter of fact. That can be really annoying for people who aren’t used to listening really. And hence, you may have to bear with their not very kind remarks here and there. Or maybe you overdo mocking someone. Recently in fact, I started talking to this guy very often. And my friends just blew the whole casual talking thing out of proportion. Teasing was okay, I do that a lot too. But then they’d just go up to random people and tell them that I’m dating the guy, they’d stalk him on Facebook, ask random people if they knew him. So we had a fight. Some casual leg pulling is okay, but I think after a point you just need to stop.


Even if it’s causing no real damage that’s very evident to you, it may be causing some damage on some level. Or presenting you in a bad light in front of people, which isn’t required at all. So whenever you can, learn to set your priorities straight, and learn to figure out how much is too much. Only you’re capable of drawing that line for yourself. As tempting as being carefree and not thinking at all may be, it is absolutely essential that at least most of the time, you grow out of your casual attitude into a more mature and sensible person who understands the value of saying and doing the right thing at the right time in the right quantity. You can have your cheat days of course, you’re allowed that much liberty. Enjoy your cheat days, but remember to go back to your old sane self because that’s what’s going to take you forward in life.


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