Music – The Lyrical Might


Plato once said, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”


Scientifically defining music is an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner but for layman like it is something which pleases us and soothes our mental faculties. If we observe very keenly, we can hear music in each and everything around us be it the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the blowing wind or be it the humming sound of the bees. Nature itself is musical and music is omnipresent. Whenever we feel low or tired, it rejuvenates you; whenever you are lonely it supports you; whenever you are not able to concentrate it helps you to centralize your energy on the work that you are doing. Sometimes when the people around you are troubling you, plugging in your headphones and listening to some good music is the best way to escape the atrocities of the world.


As aforesaid, music is the one of the most effective and powerful means of communication. Music explains which even the words can’t and touch us emotionally where words alone can’t. Whenever we listen to any kind of music we try to relate ourselves and a particular music that is produced by the artist is the result of all of his experiences. There is different type of music for each and every human emotion. There is music for each and every type of emotion. Just by listening to it you can very well decide the mood of the song. This reminds me of the very famous lines by Shakespeare, “If music be the food of love; play on”.


Whenever we pray it is in the form of prayers, hymns, carols etc. They are all nothing a form of music and one of the most efficacious agencies to converse with the almighty. I am sure all of us must have experienced that whenever we pray or sing any hymn sincerely, we get lost in some other world that is placid, everything in there seems to be so calm so serene and our minds hence gets relaxed. This is the power of music and this is how we converse with the God.


Talking about the scientific aspects of music, scientists have exhibited keen interest in studying the effects of music on human being. Though it has both the positive as well as negative effects but the majority of them are positive. According to one of the articles of science daily it was recorded that the people who were constantly exposed to music develop a certain kind of neural timing advantage. They observed that not only did the older musicians outdid the counterpart older non-musicians but also were equally accurate as the younger non-musicians were in encoding the sound stimuli and the scientists hence concluded that music counterbalances the age –related delays in neural timing. This is only one of the many benefits of music.

music therapy

Today, there are numerous meditation centers that have adopted music therapy in order to relieve people from stress. I, myself once had the opportunity to experience it. There the people use to practice meditation via music. It used to start with OM chanting which one of the transcendental forms of meditation that has received worldwide acknowledgement. The vibrations that are produced by this chanting give a sense of positivity and take us closer to god. It is a great stress buster and the word OM itself contains cosmic positive energy that creates vibrations which in turn produces a divine ambiance. In the music therapy, the OM chanting session was then followed by exposing people to different kinds of music. We were made to hear different types of instrumental melodies and were asked to concentrate on it and the outcome at the end of the session was a relief to the mind and it did help a lot in increasing the concentration power.


The power of music is not limited to human beings but none of the elements of nature have been able to escape its charm. According to the Indian history, the Mughal emperor Akbar had one of the exceptional singers of all the times in his court who was a part of his nine jewels called Ramtanu Pandey popularly known as “Tansen”. He was a vocalist and his musical prowess was such that there are stories which say that he had the ability to bring down rains by singing the Raga Malhaar and he could start fires with the legendary Raga Deepak. This proves that not only we, the human beings can be controlled by music but also the entire nature itself can be mastered with music.


Well, music has different meaning for everybody; for some it is just another form of art; for some it is a form of entertainment; for others it is a hobby while for others music flows in their blood. Well, if asked personally, music for me would be some kind divine power that is inexplicable in mere words; the power that can light up the darkest of the dooms, the power that can cause the beautiful flowers to bloom; the power that creates a kind of symphony in nature and the power that can cheer up each and every creature.


To conclude I would like to say,

Life is a beautiful melody which is composed of both the high and the low tones. Though the higher tones are quite loud and are sometimes too much to handle but we should never get swayed. Similarly the lower tones are sometimes very difficult to sing and a great amount of energy is required to the handle them but then we should never get dismayed and should never stop trying. It is the god himself who is the lyricist of the song of our lives and he makes us face each and every kind of music and in the process test our vitality but we should never lose hope because though the song may start with a lower note but it does end on a higher note.

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