Nature Is All Giving, Its Time You Give To Nature Too

Nature has given us a lot; to admire, to enjoy and to live in comfort. But what have we given it in return? Nature has received from us nothing but pollution and degradation. Keeping an inbuilt trait within us, human beings only know the act of receiving and when it comes to contribution, we are seen nowhere. The damage caused to the environment due to human activities has exceeded all boundaries. Environmental degradation has known no bounds and it has taken several forms right from pollution to the disruption of ecosystem. Everything in the nature is inter-linked and because of this even a single change is capable of affecting the whole biological system. People ignore this fact of inter relation and forget that they too are a part of this biological system and inflict as many damages as possible. As a result, in harming the environment they bring destruction to themselves.


Degradation of environment is practised in various forms and pollution stands topmost in the list. Pollution too are of distinct kinds and each type leading to different sort of damage to the nature. With the setting up of more and more number of factories, water and air are being contaminated at a high level. The smoke from the chimneys of the factories and industries containing harmful and poisonous gases mix with the fresh air and make it contaminated. This, not only pollutes the environment but also harm all the living beings. People’s attitude of never ending greed and aspirations has led to their own downfall. Now days, we come across the names of so many diseases that were never known and this is the result of our activities that harm the whole environment and us. Air pollution causes diseases like asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis and so on. The rapid pace in which environment is being damaged is definitely a troublesome issue. If the environment we live in is destroyed, how would we stay alive then?

Not only air but the contamination of water bodies by the effluents discharged from factories without treatment is also prominently seen. Harmful substances discharged into the water bodies reach to the animals living there and this is where the poisonous substances enter into the food chain. Humans feed on those fishes that are contaminated by the harmful effluents of the factories and as a result are attacked by several dangerous stomach prone diseases. People in the blind race of making profits often overstep the side effects caused by their actions and put their health and life at the mouth of danger. Environmental damage in one or the other way affects us only. Deforestation, that is clearing of forests with the motives of industrialisation and urbanisation are also threatening the environment. Due to this, not only we lose the products obtained from forests but also deforestation puts the very air we breathe in on stake. As we know that plants are the provider of oxygen which is our life line and when the medium will be gone we would fall short of fresh air in the atmosphere. And also, due to the rampant deforestation global warming is increasing at a rapid speed which is a matter of urgency.

Overuse of the limited resources on earth is again a very major problem. Exploiting the resources that cannot be renewed is one of the major reasons of concern. The reserves of coal are expected to last for about 100 years whereas the petroleum reserves are expected to last for just about 50 more years. Hence, there is an urgent need of preserving these valuable resources so as to make them available for future generations as well. Not only the activities at macro level need a check but human activities performed at a personal level should be given a thought of concern. Growth of pollution can be controlled by not polluting our surroundings by dumping garbage on roads as it can lead to a number of diseases in the nearby area. Also the sewage water from our houses should be disposed to drains which connect to the sewage treatment plants. Emissions from vehicles also result in air pollution which can be sort out by using public transports. And also use of bicycles and walking to short distances will prove beneficial in this direction.


The impact of environmental degradation could be very severe not only to human life but to animals as well. Use of poly bags and other non-biodegradable products that cannot be disposed off should be banned immediately. Polythene bags can choke animals to death when they swallow them while searching for food. Environmental damage is a very apprehensive issue which should not be avoided. Considering today’s lifestyle, people so engrossed in their own lives tend to forget their duties towards the nature. Every human being is directly or indirectly responsible for the damage caused to the environment and now there is an alarming need to pay attention in this direction. Though, a number of schemes and programmes are being planned in different areas with many NGOs and NPOs, yet contribution of every person is required. Therefore, if every person tries to not harm the environment by his own; soon the earth will smile with its lush green beauty.

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