Nature’s Fury; Beneath its Composure

It was a tempestuous night very unlike the ones described in romantic poems. The sea was boisterous. The wind blew unshielded. The trees swayed violently, about to be uprooted. Animals had become hysterical. They screeched, screamed and ran wildly. The land trembled. Peace did not exist. Humans shook in fear. Destruction was at its zenith. No lives could be saved. The turbulence could not be curtailed.
It had all begun years ago. When the self-effacing Nature had dedicated herself to the benefit of humans, people had exploited and misused her. The trees were cut uncontrollably. Deforestation was a necessity, afforestation felt like a luxury people could not afford to waste time and money on. Hunting was to quench the hunger and to make homes more ostentatious while protecting species was not a profitable business. Polluting was easy though, curbing it was time-taking.
Nature had faced enough. She had witnessed humans in all their forms. She had bore their wrath, their greed, their glutton, their pride, their sloth, their lust and their envy. She was tolerant initially hoping that a limit would come when her sufferings would stop, but alas a day like this never came. It was time to seek revenge, for that was the only way to quell the ever increasing needs of humans.

Gradually, the humans witnessed the environmental conditions turning harsh. The water resources became limited. The conventional sources of energy depleted. That was when the selfish humans realised that the Nature would not be able to satisfy their needs for long. So, they began to appease her. However, the rate of destruction was still larger than the rate of conservation.
Finally, they woke up- the trees, the plants, the animals, water and the sky. “Hell hath no fury than a woman scorn.” Nature was boiling with rage and nothing could cool her down. She was fuelling with vengeance. Humans had destroyed her companions for a very long time but now no more. For years, she plotted and contrived against her enemies. She wisely planned out her moves. For years, she had stayed quiet and let injustice befall her. She gathered the energy for the rightful day when hell would break loose and she would unleash her anger on the world. She knew disaster meant to sacrifice her own self but better be killed for a noble cause than be massacred by humans.
And so, this fateful day had arrived when no mighty being could save the human beings. Nature was not one who forgave humans. However, unlike humans who are insensitive even while killing their own comrades in war, Nature was considerate towards her acquaintances in this destruction. The wind seemed apologetic to the trees for uprooting them but the trees sacrificed loyally. The sea did not intend to harm the animals and plants it sheltered, but they were ready to die for a greater cause. As the land quaked, it tried to avoid destroying the habitats of animals. Wildcats in the jungle pounced upon the villagers. No mercy could be seen in Nature’s eyes. She had just one mission in mind and that was to put an end to the human race.
Meanwhile, the humans with their disaster management team tried their very best to save their lives. They knew they were doomed but they hoped for a miracle. They could feel the wrath of Nature but they could not weaken her. No force could stop her. All technology had failed. That was when they turned to the Almighty for that was their last resort but it was too late. The roofs broke, the mountains roared, lightening illuminated the sky. The skyscrapers crumpled down as the top most floors touched the ground for the very first time and the ground swallowed all of the civilisation atop. Finally, the humans acquiesced to the weather conditions. Families reunited, friends hugged, enemies befriended. Humans knew that the end was near and so in this troubled walk to death they all stood in unison accepting their defeat.
If only they had foreseen this earlier. The days of spreading awareness were long gone. These were the days to implement methods to save Mother Earth. If only humans had been more careful, such a catastrophe could have been mitigated. Steps to avoid disasters can be followed more easily as compared to trying to stop it when it strikes hard. If only they had decided to save something for the next generations to come instead of borrowing from the future. If only humans had learnt to respect Nature, this day would not have come. If deserving, Nature is responsible for offering the sweetest of crop; however, if provoked, it is also known to shove a bitter weed down the throat of evils.

The weather did not quieten down till the dawn. The leftover trees swayed till they silently came to rest. The sea returned to its calm state. Its waves rhythmically hit against the shore. As the first rays of Sun touched the ground and shone across the land, the sight was preposterous. Unfortunately or fortunately, there was no one to witness the gruesome destruction for there was no life breathing oxygen, no heart pumping blood.

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