The neglected lot

How annoying is it when we are bound to wait in the signals for minutes. To add to this are the beggars – some wound by bandages asking for medication and some with babies begging for feeding it. We ignore them mostly as the bandages are fake and we do not know if the money is really being used to feed the child. Along with them are the eunuchs ( transgendered people). At the same signal, we find vendors trying to genuinely earn money by selling toys, sunshades, eatables, etc. This makes us compare between the two categories of people – one begging and the other earning. While we shoo away the beggars, we tend to help the latter by buying something from them even if not really required. But what about the eunuchs? They are indeed physically fit. So why can they not work too? The answer lies with us, the society. We have forced them into such a miserable position.

Education is the key for a good living in the current era. There are countless number of schools and colleges. There are wide range of subjects to choose from and study and job is almost readily available for a graduate of any field. Yet, these are closed doors for the eunuchs. These educational institutions refuse to allot a place for such people. Human rights are completely violated for them. When activists did fight for their better treatment, some colleges came up to alloying them seats. But the fellow students continue to ill treat them. They are biased and not allowed to sit with in the classes or dining areas. Institution authorities refuse to spend on constructing special lavatories for them. This leads to a chaos on which toilet to use. Unable to pursue even basic education, they try to work. First of all, recruiters, even of pet shops refuse to give them work in the fear that customers may not enter. That is true too. Will we prefer to buy from a shop which has eunuchs as sales persons. Or will we even agree to be a colleague? An honest answer will definitely be a no. Ultimately, they have only one option left, which is to sell by them self. Here again, hardly does anyone opt for those items. Everyone tends to treat those items as if it were inflicted with some communicable disease.

Under such critical circumstances, having no other alternative, they besought to beg. They also need some source of income for the fundamental requirements of human beings – food, clothing and shelter. No one is ready to offer them any of it without money. Even the relatives ( parents) isolate them. Humanity is degrading and commercialism has encroached the human race. Men look for monetary benefits alone. We are being selfish. We strive for our human rights but neglect these poor and helpless people.

When we were able to welcome the schedule casts and schedule tribe people into our community as one among us,  give them all the rights, allocate seats in the parliament, why not these eunuchs too?

Eunuchs are not sinners. They do not turn into one by chance but by fate. It is a psychological trait of them that they cannot bear them self to be of the Male  gender. It is inevitable. There is no point in beating them. We should try to understand them and take care of them. They only differ from us in terms of the sexual features. Else, in general, they are very similar to us. They also have the same feelings and emotions and will definitely feel hurt by our ill treatment. They possess talents that could help our nation prosper more. Importance of females was realised and their infanticide was abolished. Time has come for the literate to grant eunuchs some privilege too. It is only by our combined effort that these issues can be solved. They should be allowed to pursue education in the first place. Similarly, They should be granted seat in the government. We should not be afraid of the others that they might mock at us for helping the eunuchs. Turning deaf ears to the mean and ruthless people, if we put our foot down to bring them up to a good status in the civilisation, soon others will understand the relevance of such an act and join us. Indian pledge says – all Indians are my brothers and sisters. In addition to this, we have the famous motto of our country – athithi devo bava. This means that we will even treat foreigners as our own land people and welcome them with courtesy. We will offer shelter to even our enemies and make anyone and everyone feel welcome. It is being hypocritical if we ignore a sector of our own people and greet the others.

The essence is, they are one among us with a slight difference. We can assume it to be a different kind of disorder. We must start helping them giving equal them an impartial status. It will really be one step for a man but a giant leap for the entire mankind which comprises the eunuchs.



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