Never Give Up, Give Another Try Instead

Man fights innumerable wars with himself or herself, with his or her family, friends, with opponents and enemies. At times, we trust too much in our own intelligence that we end up underestimating our opponent. Wars have their own nature. In some brawls, strength is of more significance than strategy whereas in others strategy holds more importance than strength. When we are confronted by a violent situation where strength is required, no amount of intelligence or brilliance can avert any form of tragedy. However, in certain situations where one can use his or her intelligence, there is a chance of finding an amicable solution to the problem or conflict at hand.

One should never underestimate brute force, however at the same time a warrior should never lose hope and never display cowardice. When in doubt, a warrior should have the courage to fight and lose rather than using the means of flight. If he or she flees, he gives more power to the aggressor than he deserves. Fighting the battle till the end and then losing gives the warrior inner strength. However, giving up without fighting breaks up the warrior emotionally as well as spiritually and he or she might not be able to fight another battle in his or her life again. The physical suffering can be healed but the warrior will be eternally pursued b his spiritual weakness. In painful times, the warrior must always keep in mind the hallmarks that a warrior is often associated with such as heroism, bravery, strength, courage, etc. At times, we already know we will lose but such times are the true test of character. It is at such times that you cannot display cowardice. In fact, you are expected to give your best shot.

One must understand that man is neither born nor does he die. He is eternal and permanent. We might shed one body to take up another but our soul is not ephemeral. The soul is indestructible, swords cannot pierce it, fire cannot burn it and water cannot wet it. It is the strength of this soul with which we have to live and not the transitory strength of the body. We must recognize the strength of our soul rather than the physical strength. Suffering or pain is ephemeral. In fact, nothing lasts forever except the soul.

In the face of defeat, therefore man should never be sad because he has nothing to lose. One should never give up trying. One should keep on doing whatever he or she feels like doing without following any particular style. Only the desire to walk will clear the path ahead; with a strong will you can move mountains. It must not matter what other people think, they will think something or the other anyway. When we decide to act, some contradictory situations will always occur. However, do not be afraid of the torment or the wounds. The wounds pass only the scars remain. These scars are a blessing in disguise. Those scars will always remind you of your deeds. These scars stay with us throughout our life and will always be helpful. They remind us of our sweat, toil and hard work. They encourage us to keep walking straight ahead. Keep going on your chosen path. Do not take the easy way out. Do not tread the path others have already followed. Voice your opinion and feel free to be contradictory and disapproving of others. Do not repeat those stupid mistakes which everyone else has always done.

the questin of not giving up

Certain moments repeat themselves. They bring back the despondence that you had long been avoiding. In such circumstances, the only viable option seems to turn back. However, I feel that one must stare the problem in the face. Do not turn back, go ahead! Life does not always give a second chance. Utilize each and every opportunity to show your strength and to maximize your courage and potential. There is no better test of your character than adversaries. Do not think that you are incapable of making any progress in life. Do not let such a stupid thought cross your mind. You might have been through all this before but you might not have been beyond it. So, try going beyond ‘it’. It is worth your try!

Repeated experiences teach you what you have not yet learned in life. They make you find a different solution for each repeated battle, failures are not considered to be mistakes but important lessons in life. They are the stepping stones to success. Our true mission on Earth is to fulfill our personal legend. When we face real challenges, we tend to doubt our own abilities. This is perhaps the gravest disrespect that we render to our own self. When we come with unfamiliar bends in the road, we must have the vision to find the right direction. We are alone on the road but many invisible forces such as death, power, love and time push us towards our goal. We must struggle in order to grow. We must value each second and not get put off by unnecessary anxieties. It is just a question of not giving up!

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