Never Give Up!

“What am I doing with my life?” “Is it worth living?” “Is it really what I always wanted?”  These are some question we all ask ourselves at some point in our life. We all have that phrase in life when everything around seems to be depressing and negative and definitely not pleasant. There could be multiple reasons for it. Be it academic performance, relationship issues, peer pressure or maybe something else. Life is beyond all these issues. One may feel low due to these reasons but it should not become the part of your life. Remember! “It’s a bad day, not a bad life”.

Life showers all its colors on us time-to-time. It is us who should know how to deal with it. People these days have made stress an irremovable part of their life. Some of them worry even for no reasons. You can always overcome your insecurities by just believing in yourself. Have faith in your capabilities. The one reason for stress these days is competition in academics for young children. It’s not what really decides your being. It’s just a part of our life which will pass by and in the end all we get are the memories to cherish forever. “Life is what you make it” So live it to the fullest. Healthy competition is good but don’t let it rule your mind.


We all like to be in good company. To be surrounded by people who care for us who, we know, will be there for us no matter what. “It’s not how many friends you have. It’s who came and never left.” Friends are inseparable part of our life. Being with them makes us forget all the previous worries. If you have any problem, don’t keep it with you. Share it with any trusted person, be it family or friends. Speaking your heart out is another way to overcome the endless fight of thoughts in our mind.

We meet many people in a day. So many that one may lose the count of it. Some pass by and we never meet them again. While some stay and become a special part of our life. Who doesn’t love to live in a fairy-tale world? The “Happily Ever After” does occur in real life as well, but not as shown in novels or movies. “Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things.” It’s a beautiful world with beautiful pleasures of joy, friendship, love and many more. Welcome all these pleasures to your life. You deserve it all.

 little things

Love is the most special feeling one can have in life. But, where there is love, there are fights. Reason may be jealousy or incompatibility. It is the part of life. You won’t appreciate happy moment if you never had ‘not-so happy’ moments. Don’t let your insecurities ruin your relation. You have to work it out. Nobody’s perfect, neither you nor your partner. “Remind yourself, its OK not to be perfect.” Don’t give up on your happiness in hope for someone else to fix it. You, solely, are responsible for your misery and happiness.

Being me

Go out. Live your life to the fullest. Dream. Dream and achieve happiness. Make your life what you always wanted it to be. Failure may come in your way certain times, but don’t let that failure become the hurdle to your success. “Don’t dream your life. Live your dream.” Every person has their personal interest in something. Do what makes you happy and do it more often. One might think that if it was that easy then nobody in the world would ever be sad or depressed. But that is the answer. Yes, it is. It is easy to follow your dream and make yourself happy. Make it your dream to be happy. Pamper yourself with the small pleasures of life.

“When everything else falls apart, music is the escape.” Find leisure for yourself. Listen to some good music. It helps lighten your mind. It’s not necessary to only go for music. You can do anything of your choice, like sports, reading or travelling. Indulging yourself in sports relaxes you from the inside. Plus it helps you stay fit and healthy, so bonus. Some people love engaging themselves to any physical activity to refresh their mind. While some other like to read in a quiet surrounding. “Books can take you to the moon, they can take you to wonderland. They can make you feel love and hate. They can make you laugh, they can make you cry. They can be your escape and they can be your infinity. Reading is to travel.”


Find a way out. You owe life a second chance to regain your inner self. Happiness and sadness are two completely different but very important part of life. Don’t give up on life for small reasons. Be true to yourself. Believe in yourself and nothing in world can let you down. You are the maker of your life. “After every sunset, there is a sunrise”. Wait for that sunrise to lighten and brighten your world. Cherish what you have and love who you are. You may not like it sometimes. Don’t give up on life because of some bad parts of it, give it a second chance for what it got in store for you. And yes, it’s more than even you can imagine. Don’t let your smile fade. Live life, love life and never give up!



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