End of one session, going to a new class that excitement of growing senior with the passing of yet another year dwelling with a fresh enthusiasm to work harder to score better than last year. With every new session [class] in school, we find ourselves in new surroundings amidst new teachers, new responsibility, feeling that seniority level rise and most importantly that burning desire to be disciplined and contemporary with every day studies. Before our new session begins we are in utter haste to start freshly with a new syllabus, we explain ourselves very well that this year we’ll be regular with our subjects and complete all assignments on time, there is a time-table made, well decorated which hangs on the wall with a new spirit smiling on us as if saying, We are ready to start this year together.



There is a set of new books, new uniform and on our very first day we enter our class with an awe of dancing spirit feeling that  this is the year we are meant  to come first in our  class, we  meet our friends talk endlessly about the vacations and are so stern on our ideas of finally being our very best this year. The first day passes very   well being our  best  in the class ,   paying maximum attention  copying all notes and  after reaching  home completing our homework ,revising our course and following the time table exactly  as made , this disciplined  behaviour  continues  with vigour  and enthusiasm for the whole week, we are our very best in class , with friends and at home. Our notes are ready our revision updated our assignments  complete , but slowly with  the addition  of days in our  New Year , the fire within us begins to flicker we start getting too lazy our once  updated work starts postponing for tomorrow , and yet another tomorrow which finally never comes , the ideals which we had set for ourselves in the beginning fade away , other unimportant things replace our academics, we get too busy being busy , the subjects which we had in the beginning of the year learnt so well  seems to be boring and we shift our schedules for another days. The time table which we had made with much pride and enthusiasm which had once seem to smile at us now fades off and it`s showering light goes away slowly it hides behind many posters. Our books seem to pray to us to just have a look to them once to open them might be they have something interesting.


Remember today is the tomorrow, we had desired for yesterday. But every tomorrow turns out to be that days today. What are reasons we let our inner fire fade off. What causes our  spirits to die down , every year  possibly every student entering schools desires to be the very  best  so what makes  one  student come first and  others to land no where  even near to average, why do we students postpone   not afford to avoid, every year  a new session begins, everyone wants to come first and start a new, but only few get to live up to their dreams all other things is history. Students do not realize the importance of a day, they just let it go, enjoying and having fun s necessity but till the extent it doesn`t harm our studies. As every new day in school brings us close to the end of our session , similarly the beginning of new class brings us the most memorable memories  to be cherished  life long, we make friends for life time , we learn the values and guidelines, how to lead a rich, successful and prosperous life.  Stones which had entered in school as student comes out as polished diamonds.


School life is meant to be cherished and have lots of fun but not deviating from the truth, the things we learn in school stays with us forever and we become our country`s prosperous and bright future, studies are an integral part of school , which every student realises with the beginning of a year but let`s this truth fade away with time.  Beginning of a new session in school elevates our spirits which we should never fade with time, we should be as enthusiastic everyday as we were in the beginning of our new session. Every day and every class happens once in our life so why let go the golden opportunity  which every day  brings, “Those who sweat more in peace , bleed less in war ,” It is better to work hard now than to repent later.  In school life we hardly are able to cope up with our studies and the many distractions it brings along, but we should never sideline our studies everything else can wait we should never let our inner ignition to kick start every new day drop down instead we should fuel it well with a daily reminder what we had wanted in the beginning of the year.


Toppers are not the once who never fail they are the once who rise every time they fail and constantly remind themselves of their aim and efficient manage time for everything prioritising their studies. Each sessional year brings tons of expectations and opportunities we should never let the opportunities let go and expectations from us fade.

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