Nothing but FAT to Lose!

Are you a ‘ways to weight loss’ victim? Well, so are a thousand other people. Are the slangs, ‘Fatty, fat-ass, fatso’ your nicknames? Relax, there is nothing to be ashamed about it. Just because you’re on the heavier side doesn’t make you a criminal? Being a foodie isn’t a crime! But do you wonder how your last year’s black dress doesn’t fit you? How the bulge on the tummy ruins the look? How the body feels sluggish? How the skin doesn’t glow anymore? Well, it’s time to get back in shape my friend!
I am definitely not the perfect person to give a weight loss advice but still we all need motivation in our lives. No wonder the phrase, “I’m not perfect, and never will be” is a way out for all the fat people, but deep inside everyone wants to be thin. If not thin, but healthy at least. Every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror don’t you tell yourself, “Damn! I want to be thin!” Now is the time. Get up and go for it! Make people’s head turn when you walk by! Do it for, “DAMN YOU GOT HOT!”
Okay, so before we start with the steps, the very first thing that needs to be done is, GET UP! This get up is not morning get up, but literally, get that ass up! You need to move that lazy bottom off the bed! Procrastination won’t work!
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Sir Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky said, “Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.” And to a certain extent it is true. But if you really need to change, you really need to be inspired! Motivate yourself that you can do this.
(DISCLAIMER: It may or may not work all the time, because it did not in mine.) Gymming is a western culture, not everybody can adopt it. If you are a newbie, start your exercise under a trainer. Tell him your plus points and your weaknesses too. Let him be the judge of your routine. Never, I repeat, Never over do your routine. Your body is a body of a human and not a superman. Remember, all of it cannot be done in a day, so give it time.
Also, consult your doctor before gyming. In my case, I pulled my back muscles and my sister still has ligament rupture. So in case of any pain, visit the doctor. You wouldn’t want a broken shoulder in future.

2) No dieting, only eating right:
First, only gym wouldn’t show results if you hog like a pig. Actually, if you’re a foodie, eat the right food. Your intake should be healthy and full of carbs and proteins. Eating junk and then cribbing that you can’t see any results. That is just not going to work my friend.
Ask your trainer for a healthy diet chart. Diet chart doesn’t mean only liquid diet or starving. Remember starving would just make you weak, not thin. Eat the right food and then see, you’ll shed those extra kilos in no time.
If you have a sweet tooth, keep a day aside to treat it. Let there be one junk day for you. After all, all of us need that!
3) Yoga:
The oldest and by far the most effective way of staying healthy. The amazing thing about yoga is that you get healthy not just physically but mentally as well. Meditation and the breathing exercises relax the mind and you’re able to calm yourself. And once your mind is calm, the rest if just a piece of cake! Apart from weight loss, yoga helps in curing diseases too. It makes the person healthy from the inside.
4) Morning Walk:
Not a morning person? Hate waking up early? Well, if you want the results, you need to change a bit. According to a survey, morning walk benefits a person in almost 10 different ways! Apart from weight loss, it reduces the risk of cancer, fights diabetes and hypertension, reduces the stress, makes the mind active, to name a few.
An early morning is a blessing for the whole day. So get up and start walking towards good health.
5) Dance:
As a friend, I would like to put forward my weight loss method. Having the passion to dance, I lost my extra kilos by dancing. Dancing is a way out for putting away all the stress. Stress is one of the main reasons of weight gain. And one of the most widely adopted methods to fight stress is dancing. It can be any form. All you need to do it do a little warm up routine every day, and just play your favorite bollywood songs and start moving and shaking the body. This simple exercise can be done at home. Even while working, say washing the dishes, put on the music and move the lower body. As long as there is movement, it’ll work!

6) Zumba/Aerobics:
These also come under dancing but for this you need to go out of the house, either to a dance studio or a gym. For zumba and aerobics you need a trainer who could teach you the routine. These are one of the most effective ways of losing the extra kilos. All you need to do is go on with the music. Dance your heart out and feel good about life.

Along with these methods, the most important thing to keep in mind is self love. Until and unless you don’t love the way you look, nobody else would love you either. Celebrity Raven Symone was able to shed off her extra pounds. When asked what motivated her, she said “The Pressure of the Society.” Motivation is good, but pressure would just make it look bad. Whatever progress takes place, appreciate yourself for it. Reward yourself with a nice dinner or maybe a cupcake! Don’t stop living, just add on one thing to it, start living healthy!



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