Obsessing Over Celebrities: Yay or Nay?

Are you one of those people who dont get why people change their display pictures to a celebrity or etch the name of their favourite celebs in the form of a tattoo?. Have you wondered why people devote so much of their time and efforts on someone whom they’re probably never going to meet their entire life?


Some believe that all the glitz and glamour of celebrities animate their life while the others stick to the fact that maybe one tends to get close to a person who he/she may never be associated with in real life and this just creates a tower of happiness in oneself. This is practically living in a dream world to escape the aspects of real life. Some state that it is not celebrities that are adored but their posh and swanky lifestyles that knows no limits. Why, they’ve got it all , the magnanimous house , the classy cars , the bling jewellery , the branded shoes and clothes etcetera . Some of them earn it after several tiring years whereas some ditch hard work, befriend luck and achieve the same. The others fall in love with mere characters of celebrities and assume the person to have the same qualities. If you think of it , this sounds crazy but it sometimes happens subconsciously.

Some others see desired qualities in them. The girls go gaga over male celebrities and see in them the characteristics they would like to see in a guy . Such as Greek God looks, I’m-going-to-save the day attitude , reel style expression of their love so on and so forth . Ask girls who their favorite  female celebrities are you’ll see most of us pondering over this question. Some don’t even have a favorite female celebrity. But ask us the female celebrity who we hate and at the speed of lightning , you get your answer. Needless to say , guys fall for unrealistically hot bodies , looks and more of looks. This was not the case before. It was all about beautiful actresses , graceful dances and impeccable acting.

Some of them admire those who were living in extremely harsh conditions but now have risen way above those levels , earning innumerable times more than what they used to earn and some even manage to sustain the same humility . Take the example of Rajnikanth , Tamil Nadu’s beloved superstar. Little does everyone know that he was a bus conductor earning enough just to cover his bare necessities . And now he is ‘Asia’s second highest earning actor’ with an average earning of a whopping 50 CRORES just by acting and who can forget his famous flipping of a stick or a cloth and catching it after its travelled miles upwards without even looking at it? Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey had a childhood of labor ,sexual abuse and poverty before she made it big on her own feet. People also tend to attach themselves to famous people when they claim to have gone through hardships in the past. Nowadays it is hard to even believe the things they say because no one knows if they are doing it for the sake of publicity.

Gold Trophy

On a very mature note ,some have said that an actor must be admired by nothing other than his acting skills which in a way, is very true. A lovable actor is considered one who can light up the screen just by occupying screen space , makes you feel the emotion the director wants him to express and holds your bottoms tight to the seat with his acting irrespective of the horrendous script. He makes you laugh and in the next split second , gets you bursting into tears.

Sometimes this craze can go way beyond humane limits .The sight of a favorite celebrity makes a fan scream , cry with happiness , jump with excitement and even swoon . The lucky ones are those who get an autograph or even get to click a picture with them. Why I call it ‘inhumane’ is when a fan refuses to wash one’s hands for a long  long time because one has touched the celebrity in ones words “ with my own bare hands .More evidence of this craze you ask ? Posters stuck all over the room, doodling of the celebrities name all over books and any available piece of paper, a collection of DVD’s and other merchandise of the celebrity starred movie and many items which the celebrity has used in one of his/her movies. If you think this is childish , you should know that fan bases consist of a huge the number of adults who do the same. Thanks to social media , it is now possible to get a closer peek into the lives of the celebrities and what they’re up to.

If you think about it , this obsession is too superficial for its own good. We need to realize that all this is a rosy picture painted by the celebrities in order to get popular and earn some money.If you want to get into the industry , you should focus more on being an actor than being a celebrity. This craziness is absolutely unproductive and takes away too much time from our lives. When we grow older , we  are going to look back and think of how foolish we were but of course it would be too late by then.


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