Oh, What A Feminist!

It’s about time you stopped associating us girls with anything pink or cute. We can be pretty much goth and ugly. And strong and intelligent and independent and powerful. Stop stereotyping and underestimating us, seriously. For millenniums you have belittled us, insulted us, reduced us to slaves, cooks, what not. You may be physically stronger than us, and you may be deemed more “intelligent”,  but I can assure you that we would have made equally good ,or even better, theories and discoveries, hadn’t you forced us within the four walls of the house. An ant may not be as powerful as an elephant, but it lives its life much more intelligently than its counterparts. If by being such a tiny creature, that can literally be measured in centimeters, it can exhibit its skill, imagine the potential it could have had, had it been as huge as the elephant. The analogy applies here too.

You say that you vouch for a democratic society where everybody should be equal. And yet when you watch us on the dais, you judge us by our looks in contrast to our male parallels. Now tell me, being the superior gender in terms of grey matter, if you yet do not understand that a news reader may not be a supermodel or a supermodel a scientist, then what use is your grey matter actually? For an actor you judge his sophistication by the roles he chooses and for a female equivalent by the dresses she wears? Why cannot women be powerful politicians like Hilary Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, or Angela Markel? Why can’t a lady stay single and happy throughout her life? Why is it below your ego to accept that it is perfectly normal if your boss is a female? Why can’t a member of the gentler sex handle a company that is neither a fashion magazine nor a clothing line?

Education, like charity, begins at home, and learning about gender equality is an important lesson. A daughter might not just play with dolls and be princesses, but may be equally very much interested in mechanical and robotic toys. Little boys must be taught that a girl may be better than him in school and this is not an unusual situation. If such meager, everyday activities are checked from the beginning itself, the new generation shall have more empathy towards both genders. Instead, we end up doing the exact opposite. Young girls are married off at premature ages and forced to do menial labour at home while their male partners can enjoy education. An athletic female is not as praised in the society as their male peers. Women are not taken into jobs, because they are judged as distractions, or are not paid enough for the work they do. She is deemed dumb and unfit among all the other guys out there.

Any faith which places a man above a woman is erroneous. Marriages are never between a man and a woman, rather it is between two people who love each other. When you do not comply with this, you obviously do not comply with the basic rights of every individual, irrespective of which faith you follow. Not only can a girl grow up into a beautiful lady but can also help the world be a better place to live in and actively take part in its activities ranging from the kitchen to the parliament. You want to put up signboards at places where you work and yet not acknowledge the work that we put in twenty four hours of the day. A woman who voices her opinions is a bossy and arrogant female whereas a man doing the same is displaying leadership. Overweight women are subjected to more social pressure than obese men. If a woman does not want to comply to what you say, she becomes an outcast, the effects being shown on the entire gender.

“The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human”

-Aldous Huxley

The greatest reason behind all this oppression is definitely ignorance. Gender equality must be taught at all levels, right from home to the entire nation. A girl may be better than a boy, and he should be able to tackle with this from childhood itself- only then can he grow up to be a gentleman. Education shall teach people to fall in love with people mind’s and not their outer looks. No girl is “strong for her gender” , she is just strong by her own. One needs to respect her choices, her likes and dislikes. A woman is not just curves, she is not equivalent to a material possession of your life, rather she is an equal, who is just as alive as you are. We need to teach our daughters, our sisters to fight being bullied and typecasted by others, we need to stand by their decisions and provide them with support.

After reading all this, yet the saddest part might be, that even after being fully aware of the inequalities meted out to the differently-chromosomed, when you fight for your rights it shall be legitimate and yet when we do, you shall just say “Oh,what a feminist!”

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