Omens : To be or Not to be?

Ah, superstitions are not something we Indians are not new to. Being a country with our religion and culture being the rifest factor it has its pros and cons to the mindsets of the people. But it isn’t just India; other countries too have their own set of beliefs. Many of the omens originating from religious manuscripts with scholars founding the base of these omens by observing their surroundings, which would mainly include the human behaviour, animals, nature and most importantly astrology.

you believe and see what you want to

How the omen was born?

Well, it is human psyche to relate its past or future events with the current scenario. For example, in Biblical paraphrase, the Star of Bethlehem is an incident considered a good omen because Christ was born to the Biblical Magi. The Black Cat Omen, it is believed that a black cat is a devil in disguise that cuts your path to heaven. These are religious omens. The Mayans who predicted the world would end in 2012 said it would begin with the nature showing signs of diminution first. Birds’ dying in large numbers is a bad sign apparently followed by animal deaths. The society in which you are born leads you to how and what you believe in. But how much of practicality is to be observed into believing in something that our forefathers experienced that we possibly may not experience now. Where do you draw a line? There is no fixed theory behind how the birth of an omen took place. There is still a debate on how and why we should and should not believe in them.

Is it just you?

Like we said before, it is the mind that has déjà vu’s that leads us to thinking that maybe certain events are related to our current situation which either is good or bad for self. Also the upbringing plays a big role in your thought process. I have no answers here mostly just questions as to why we are made to believe by applying a certain theory cultivated by a mind that probably has less or no knowledge of the worldly things yet boasts about how science or practicality is wrong. Let me put it this way, in India, a couple from a village in Uttara Khand was advised by a tantric to sacrifice a girl child so that they would conceive. Another incident when in Maharashtra was, a couple was advised to kill 11 children so that they could have a baby, by the 5th child they were arrested for the murder by feeding them poison. This is not only prevalent in India but other parts of the world too. Animals being sacrificed so as to please the Gods above. Human sacrifice and animal sacrifice take place discretely because of the tough laws created to prevent them. Now that you have a rough idea, would you agree that here ignorance of knowledge is what causes them to believe in such putrid ideas and theories? Science and religion are always at war because of the sentiments involved in these two broad concepts created by man. But, ignorance of knowing the complete truth is wrong on the part of the individual willing to believe in omens as such. I am not implying that all omens are bad, but the fiction which is believed to be facts behind them is wrong.

A dog following you back home is a good omen. If you see a white cat in America it means you will have some welcoming company. Putting up chillies and lemon/lime wades of evil spirits. Spotting two Mynah birds leads to prosperity in your love life and a better day. There are countless omens that you probably must have never even heard of. Each and every individual have their own new and interesting belief systems.

You make your choice.

In the end, you are for your own self. You make the choice whether to believe in these fictitious thoughts/stories that occur. If you are a practical mind chances are you will go to the extent of finding out the whole truth and then accepting to believe in certain things. If you are a devout, you might just accept them because well our forefathers know best according to you. Trying to impose somebody to believe in something they do not want is wrong. Standing up and speaking out helps. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to favour any side here. I have equal respect for both religion and science but not ignorance. If you do not have complete knowledge on certain topics, get informed why stay dumb? If you think an action that occurred in the past or is being performed at the moment is related to certain decisions of the future, well go ahead believe in it! If it’s a good omen then you are on the right path if it’s all going haywire then you know where you stand.

This is one topic where you either force your thoughts down someone’s throat or agree to disagree. I think that is one thing you would agree with me right?

PS: Don’t hate on cats, they are precious little fur balls of love!

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