A little confession before I begin, EXPERIENCING LOVE IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS TO HAPPEN TO MANKIND. I just had to put it out in the universe. Love is like a freshly baked cake, made with the best cocoa and the perfect blend of icing with oozing chocolate fudge and some chocolate shards for that extra bit of loving. OH! Just how wondrous is this! And I want some of that cake now. Ha Ha alright just kidding, but you get my point. Love begins not by falling in love with the opposite sex, as most of the people apprehend it these days. Love begins at home. Yourself. It is felt for an umpteen number of things ranging from animate to inanimate objects. It fills you up with warm fuzzy feelings and gives the butterflies in you tummy. It’s a wonderful feeling to be felt.


Some say, love is a curse, a pain, being left alone is so much better. In the end you have to submit to the sub-conscience because no human can survive without being cared for. Each one of us longs for that loving touch , those deep meaningful late night talks, intense urge to care for something/someone, to grow and nurture, spending quality time, day-dreaming and many such emotions to be felt.

For a child, the parents, toys and food are his first love. Nothing apart will do to fulfill his heart’s desires. As the child grows until adulthood, friends, books, work, the opposite sex starts becoming somewhat an intriguing subject. The age when we find our dreams, ambitions, trying to understand the entirety of the words said and the world. Some may have already found their love at a young age, some maybe while on their path to the last stages of their lives. You will find it in everything you look. Fear blinds our minds restricting us from moving further. Pain is a part of falling in love. Removing this veil and stepping outside the dark room makes you a warrior.

Now just as I said love is of different kinds. When life brings you to an unexpected turn and gives you the gift of love out of the blue. You feel the need to work towards and achieve what you want, establish an authority over it. Hence I have this one principle that I follow, “do things not to make others happy but for the love of it, for yourself “. This love to achieve “drives you”. Makes you think positive, work harder towards your goals. Now I know most of you won’t agree to what I am saying, because you have seen the cold dark world a little too closely. Felt a little too much. But isn’t it just nice to feel wanted by that someone? Or maybe feel great happiness in creating something new. Just being there for somebody. Love has various facades. Beautiful ones.

I am going to give you explain a little with the help Former African Prime Minister, Nelson Mandela. I read this book Invictus by John Carlin, one of the most inspiring books I have come across and an absolute must read for all. Mandiba (as he is called lovingly by the people of country) lived in jail for 27 years for the people of his country even after committing no crimes. His party the ANC (African National Congress) never advocated violence but peace and love because those were the morals Mandela believed in. After his release from jail within a few years time he was won over the resilient white government and ended the apartheid with his peaceful demeanour and his strategic thinking. Going back to the topic, why did Mandela sacrifice? Yes for others but because inside he felt great amount of love and concern for his mother land and he felt the need to do something about it to bring about drastic changes. This man is an inspiration to me and many others all over the world.

Now that I have been so kind towards to being in love, here’s to all the people who still say “I hate that three lettered word!” When your dream fails you feel like giving up on the world, when your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you it’s like the end of the world. Scoring fewer marks in a subject you particularly like is not the reason to blame the teachers or the education system and then committing suicide. Being cheated on is one of the worst experiences you have especially if you really and truly loved someone, barring yourself from falling in love again just to not get hurt again is wrong on your part. You are making life tough on yourself. You are responsible for your own actions. You decide what is best for you. Not the government, not your peers, not your partner! No. You are the king or queen of yourself, your body is your dynasty and your soul is your God. Respect it.

Like someone once said, you don’t love from your brain or your heart but from your soul.

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