If Its One You Can Please, Please Yourself!

This “I” is not me ,it’s you who are reading this.This is you talking to your own self. So, is pleasing others hurting you? I was born alone and had neither any clothes on me nor someone came with me for this prolix journey that I had made from heaven to earth, it was me and just me who accompanied myself  and no one else did. In that journey I had no father, no mother, no brother and nor I had any so-called soul-mate attached to me.

I was alone and all alone.What does that mean? We being busy never sat down and tried recalling the moment of our birth We have many of our childish pics, we have our childhood memories with us and things that brings back smile on our face when we confront with those. But what about the moment when we were really born, we took our first breath, we cried our first.

We actually never praised ourselves for covering and overcoming the hardest journey and safely making it to LIFE, the journey from heaven to Earth, and for reaching here, as safe as lion in a group of deers. Nobody ever told us that we were not the servants of God but sons of God and no matter what we do, we would be one of those.

The only thing that would come into the picture would be either we will be called son of God who carried forward and in more advanced way the God’s legacy or the son that broke the God’s legacy by being distracted in things that he should not have been. The former one are called as GREAT BEINGS and the later one is called A COMMON MAN. Great beings are simple minded people who listen to their soul, SELF. And the common people are the ones who like applying their mind to everything that they come across. Great beings just listen to SELF and common being listens to everything, other than SELF.

It’s not about the confidence, it’s about the belief, the belief that you are not mere a body but there’s someone, inside you who wants to give this world the glimpse of almighty. I have heard many lectures, read many articles and found that you can only respect things that you like, and love is the extreme form of like. So you need to love yourself in order to respect the fraction of genius in you.

We are, as beings, told to settle, to have a sense of security, a good life, and many things that our society (including our parents) feel would be the chambers of good life. We, at that time (birth), were childish and psychologically at that stage our subconscious mind was much more exposed than our conscious mind .And so whatever we were told, we took that. No argument, and without doubt.

s the tension of settling, for the sake of providing bread to our family. We start realizing .Realizing that though we kept our goals at the top every time and we all badly wanted to reach the fame of being someone, someone special. But it never actually mattered .The only thing that mattered was whether I am feeling good or bad in my mind.

There were these two talented individuals who passed out from one of the elite institutions in the world. There was this guy called Raman who got a job in the company that he was told would raise him financially and would render him and his family better status in society and the other was Rajan who did something that would sound incredulous to many of us. Both got job offers that were more than satisfactory in the eyes of society, but here’s what they did.


After one year when Rajan realized that he was doing nothing more than mere making money and supporting his family, he resigned from that company and did something that would blow our mind. He had a craze for joining the broken parts in his childhood. When he was a child he used to play with screwdrivers and used to engage himself in mechanical activities. So what he did was, he resigned and tied himself with the automobile company that gave him one third the previous salary.

But he felt three hundred times more alive when he was working for them. So he just (without putting his arguing mind and without answering it’s questions) did what he felt can be done by him, at best. Whereas Raman, still being a topic of discussion among society members, of how successful he is and whom his success be credited to, worked day and night for something that never gave him the sense of enjoyment (pleasing).

But now let’s look at the state of mind that they had. Raman had certain contemplations within his mind “Tomorrow I need to get up at 7am, have breakfast, then office, meeting with delegates, resolve some file problems and then my job is done”.

Rajan rather contemplated, “this is the design of car, and I need to see if I can modify something or can I add some more features that would give my car a better look. Oh let’s try and make the design more interesting”.

For Raman he needs to do something but for Rajan he is doing something.

Do not give up something you can do now for something you need to do later. Love yourself because when the world would denounces you on your challenging to the conventional norms, it is none other but you, who would stand up and straight, confronting the world in their eyes and saying

I know I am right and I don’t need your approval”.    

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