We All Have That One Guy Friend

Don’t we all have that friend? The “please make me meet your friend” guy. The guy who wants to meet every girl friend you have, who’s always on the prowl for his next “love”, for the next 2-3 weeks obviously. If it lasts longer than that, then “she is the one I tell you man.” He’s your typical roadside romeo. Roaming around, checking out girls, rating them at times, asking all his friends to introduce him to some “interesting girls.” He’s the guy who’ll go crazy after one girl and another one the next week you meet him. He states his heart resides with just one though. It’s funny, watching him jump around, trying his luck, getting rejected and seeing him build his self esteem up as he keeps praising himself all the time, because well, “all the girls want him you see. It’s inevitable.” I have such a friend. He’s in love all the time. He’s your typical “I’ve found the one” guy. He’ll do everything for his girl(s). He’ll buy them gifts, flirt with them, make his friends flirt with them because well he has to do “time management” you see. Too many meetings, too many girls. Oh wait, there can never be too many girls for him. He’ll manage. He’s doing an MBA after all. He needs his action. Action without any reaction that is. What’s life without a friend like this? He keeps you entertained with his love problems all the time. Sometimes, you end up helping him out, but sometimes, you just sit back with your popcorn, watching him juggle his various “meetings.” Doing an MBA does hold some perks for this guy. Life becomes a little more organized for him. Of course, there are chances when he will screw up and you’ll find yourself helping him out. You get the privilege of ripping his case off each time you see one of his loves walk past you guys. And if you’re a girl and you have a friend like him, then he knows he’s hit the jackpot. After all, all your friends are his friends right? Sharing is caring, isn’t it? My friend, the roadside romeo of Delhi, is one of the most entertaining people in my life. He and his woes about his “the one” can turn anyone into a professional counsellor. He’ll want to meet my friends after just a simple hi. He’ll befriend them on facebook then. FlirtBook for Blog

It’s a whole procedure you see. Each step has its own importance. It’s a well devised plan in his mind. A project. And he can manage it really well. Experience you see, it really does matter. The next step is whatsapp. Once they’re on whatsapp, then more than half the battle is won you see as he keeps shooting those well prepared special lines at them one at a time, tweaking them a little as per the situation and the girl, of course. The crisis comes when he has to move out of his comfort zone; like a new city perhaps. It takes him a little time to adjust, but his mind still works as he notices all the “chikas” walking past him. No wait, they don’t walk past him, He walks past them. Because they don’t know what they are missing out on, get it?


Once my friend shifted to a new city, and it took him time to adjust to the surroundings. Everyone was new. But that was the point, every girl was new. He started his cycle, one girl after another, until he hit his jackpot, his “the one.” I think that was the first time I saw him stick to a single girl in a really long time. His eyes and thoughts would still keep wandering but then again, “dil to uthe hai” (my heart still belongs there only.) His heart resides with her. Till today. So much so that he found someone else with the same name. I mean, I know he missed her and all, but there is a limit isn’t it? I bet if he reads this right now, he will kill me. But I guess that’s no reason for me to stop. This is sort of a gift from me to him. And I like making my gifts absolutely perfect. Moving on, friends like these are just perfect gems you know. The amount of effort and time they put in making every date so perfect. Doing thinks like making a playlist of her favorite songs on his folder or laptop, just to keep her happy when he plays music. Complimenting her on the smallest of things. Surprising her with gifts. Showing a little “jealousy” when he sees her with other guys. It’s the little things that matter after all. But that last point comes with yet another dialogue. If she is with someone else, doesn’t mean that she’s moved on, it simply means she has nothing better to do, and since she has lost him already, she is experimenting, trying to find someone to match up to him, and much to his happiness, rather unsuccessfully. The most interesting scenes happen when they are trying to hit on your friends. You’re stuck in the middle then, without a way out. But if you play your cards right, you won’t find it to be that troublesome. He comes under your control, and sometimes you get that chance to play around, help him make a fool of himself. Sometimes. What are friends for after all? We all have a friend like this. All of us know one person whose aim in life is to find his “the one”. Even if it means finding a dozen of her in a month. But then again, “dil to uthe hi hai”. (my heart is still there only). With that one person who manages to captivate him for more than two weeks. Kudos to that girl, really.

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