The One- Really The ONE?

Our life is like a train journey, and we are all passengers traveling from one place to another. The train travels endless miles, halts at different situations and moves on further again. And during this journey, we come across a large number of people who either become a part of our journey or a part of our past. But each one of these people affects our life and plays a significant role for us. Have you ever actually counted the number of people that you have come across in your life? I don’t think that is possible! I am sure there are so many, one could lose track of the number! And all these people travel along with you and become a part of your journey, and you become a part of their journeys as well. Each person who is a part of your life is a part of your journey. And somehow, without them, your journey will be incomplete. As simple as, two lives meet, two journeys share the same road. And one of these days, out of all these paths, your path will cross the path of ‘the one’.

Very often you feel like you are lost in this journey, there is a feeling of failure and dissatisfaction, may be you are too frustrated and irritated too. And these are the times when you feel like you are the only one suffering, that you are the only one who is struggling so hard, that you are the only one who is barely getting by. It’s easy to feel lonely and sulk in that place called loneliness. But you have to know that these feelings are all lies, they are altogether delusional. Because you are never alone. Because there is somebody or something out there that is going through the same as you are, or even worse or fortunately, a lot better. So when you feel like giving up on this struggling and difficult journey, hold it in for yet another day. And may be if you find the courage and hope to go through those feelings all over again, that someone will find you and make it all okay. A lot of us find it difficult to accept this, but the truth is that we all need help. And the truth is that we all lie that we are all fine and happy alone; but we are not, and neither do we have perfectly sorted lives that we could face all by ourselves. Throughout this journey, you are going to face countless number of problems, fall through the hurdles, win through the storms, enjoy the sunshine, drench in pain and survive through the cold. And the truth is that you cannot do this all alone. And that is when that someone will find you and help you hear the melodious rhythms of music in your life. And that someone will make you realize that it is not going to be this bad every day, that there are better and brighter days ahead, and that the sun will shine upon you all over again. That someone will remind you of who you are and how precious your life is. And soon enough, before you realize, the journey of you two would have become one.

When something has to happen to you, it will not give you any hint of its arrival. It will just come, happen and change your life for better. So even before you realize, your path will have already crossed the path of that someone. Now I am not going to label this someone as only ‘love’, because it does not necessarily have to be the love of your life that helps you get through. It could be anyone, from a friend to a soul-mate or just another stranger who offers you a moment of self-realization. OR it could also be Love. You might find it difficult to open your heart and soul to someone without the fear of getting hurt and experiencing pain. But eventually, you realize that this is the one person who is always going to be there, to whom you can always return to even after having ran a thousand miles away from them. People wait long enough for the arrival of that someone, but they fail to understand that the more you keep needing it, the more you keep yourself from having it. That someone will enter through the closed doors of your life when you are least expecting it. And then, everything else will fall right into its place. Even if it does not, who cares? You have already got enough strength and courage to make things right because someone has made you realize that you can. All these years you crawl and walk and fly and sail through this journey which gets even better when you have a company to share it with. And you equally share their journey too, which is when journeys that lead to different destinations become the destination themselves. Millions of people in this world, a million different journeys to travel, a million other paths and stories to share, and of all these millions, you find The One.

Two people, one journey

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