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Ah, still 3 more days to Sunday’, this is how most of young working people carry out their weeks, waiting for the Sunday- the fun-day. The day when we will relax, unwind and do what we like. But how many of us actually do that on Sundays? I am sure most will reply in negative. I have often found myself and many of friends in same perpetual cycle of waiting for Sundays week after week, non-stop. So this forced me to ponder why are we so stressed, so exhausted? Is it that the work is boring, demanding or we just don’t get enough time after job? Most of the people who work would have yes for each of these questions. However, not everyone around us is so worn out. 

Well, the main reason why we are stuck in Sunday syndrome is the routine. The routine which we follow day in day out. The job which you had initially found extremely exciting, adventurous and what not is now sucking life out of you. Now you are bored of doing same bloody thing over and over again. The beautiful girl across the corner does not look like an angel now, the fabulous coffee has become bland and office lounge which was few months back the hottest place to hangout has become a sulking spot. Life at home is also not easy on you. You get back home hoping for some refreshing dinner and peaceful time with your parents or siblings. Instead you are sent out again to get electrician, plumber or fight with sabjiwala over prices. In short, your life is hell.

Well there is way to turn your dreary life in a rock star’s life. How? Well you have already read or heard those motivating speeches of going beyond yourself and doing the impossible. Dint that help? I know, it didn’t, and in fact it makes you feel more worthless. So I have few pointers which may help in transforming your weekdays if not your life.

A world of possibilities

Go through these seven must haves to enter a new world of possibilities.

 1.       Be hungry for more

The problem starts here, when we stop asking for more. We are satisfied with what we have got and just live with it. It is time for you to start asking more out of your life. Remember as children, how many things we wanted to do in our life? I for instance used to like milk and bread so much that I wanted to own a factory of milk & bread. Then because of my beautiful arts teacher, I wanted to become a painter. Kindle those dreams again and be hungry for them. The more you will want the more will you get?

 It’s never too late to be, what you might have been – George Eliot

 2.       Break routine

Next step is to break out of your routine. Every day you take coffee from same vending machine, try some other machine next time. Try to look over to the other girl or boy as applicable in next cubicle. Who knows you just might get lucky. Doing things differently will give you new perspective, experience and they will seem less boring. This way you will feel less drained by the time you leave office and ready to play out on post- job opportunities.

 3.       Get a hobby

Once you have got some time under your belt, it is time to engage yourself in things which you have never tried so far. Spend a day or two in searching for an appropriate activity that gives you goose bumps. For instance, try going for martial arts, kick boxing, drama club or start learning DJ. Apart from some extra life skills, these activities will stimulate your mind, body and keep you active the next day as well.

 4.       Be practical

There are many things which we dream of. But most of them are impractical to realize. So it is important to be honest and practical about your current situation and the things that you want to try. Getting in too many things at the same time might leave you nowhere and chances are that you will get frustrated and will move back again in your life of boredom and sulk. Also, it would be wise to select activities that suit your pocket. No one wants to end up begging to pay for gym fees. Isn’t it? So analyze your situation carefully and then decide on what you want to try and what not.

 5.       Be adventurous

Be on a lookout for new things to learn and explore. Opportunities multiply as they are seized. Once you feel you have started feeling bored of the new activity, get on to something new. This will keep your momentum going and you will keep on enriching your life experiences.

6.       Have patience my friend

Neither Rome was built in a day nor will you become Picasso or Sachin Tendulkar in a day. Be patient about the results in these post job activities. Encourage yourself to enjoy the learning experience rather than focusing on the level of skills you have attained.

 7.       Balance it out

Last but not least, in order to enjoy that post- job life, it is important that you focus on your job. Performance below the expected bar will reflect negatively on both your pay-check and psyche. So be active and conscious towards your duty and keep enjoying at the same time.

 Every closed door isn’t locked and even if it is…YOU just might have the key!! Search within to unlock the world of possibilities – Sanjo Jendayi

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I am an MBA student & a mechanical engineer. More than that I am just a person trying to make my life purposeful.

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