“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”-Marilyn Monroe

If you question whether Marilyn Monroe said that or was it Better Midler, I believe both did. The latter, having said it long before the former. The ‘right’ in Marilyn Monroe’s statement replaced the ‘correct’ from Bette Midler’s and there ended the difference. However, originally the man who penned the source to these inspirations was O.L., Sacramento, Calif.


He said-

Is it true that you really have a passion for shoes? If so, what kind do you prefer? The spike-heeled kind. They’re not always easy to find. I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world. Fortunately for the world, I have not found the correct footwear to achieve that goal. However, shoe stores across the nation can attest to my sincere and persistent efforts in that direction.

Some critics argue that his statement was a rather ambiguous one. Others believe that in simple words it addressed a more serious issue. Let’s not go into the literature of this, I don’t intend to write an academic paper on the same. However it is about how greatly known personalities of the past have stressed much on the need of the right shoes in order to achieve goals. He has very simply addressed the lack of motivation in the society when one is striving towards one goal and also the extreme need of belief and motivation in his words about how shoe stores may attest to his efforts of finding the right shoes.  In hidden words he has mentioned how people around can help him in the right direction to get him closer to his destination.

Bette Midler’s statement is often argued to be a Feminist’s opinion of the capacity of a woman to survive and strive. Contradictory to her, I opine give anyone the right shoes and see them conquer the world. By right shoes I do not contemplate on whether they are stilettoes or peep-toes or basic jogger shoes. I don’t mean footwear at all. It is just a more superficial term for something embedded much deeper, more stronger. It is the motivation to move forward, march almost, no left turns, no right ones, straight forward. I don’t deny though, that on a more superficial note, she weren’t too wrong. The ladies would know what I mean. They know that the confidence those pair of Jimmy Choo heels give to them is beyond description of words. After all, shoes turn heads too. Why else do most films introduce the protagonists with the first shot being of their shoes?

Often many times we hold back a person’s capacity to conquer by undermining their capabilities or mock on them. Put it to yourself, move in the right direction, with the right effort and your energies concentrated. You can achieve the world. Almost the world at least. What is important though is the fact that your shoes should be right. They shouldn’t leave shoe bites, they shouldn’t wear out, they should please the eyes and they should fit you just about fine if not perfectly. Oh, who buys shoes that don’t fit well you wonder? You didn’t get the point. By not leaving shoe bites I meant that the way you choose should not leave you with regrets in any time of your life later. Choose carefully. By they shouldn’t wear out, I mean your spirit to achieve your goal should not deter over time. It should remain still and survive through the waves of uncertainty life throws at you. They should please the eyes means that they should not pose obstacles on other people’s way. Also your ways shouldn’t sway your morals, they should be what people all around you appreciate. Your shoes fitting well meant that which so ever way you choose to traverse, you should suit the adversities and opportunities of it. Do not trod a path for the sake it. Travel it to leave a mark. You would leave a mark only when you are made for that way. Choose not what makes everyone else happy but what makes you content. It should be what satiates your desperation to prove your own worth. It need not be as worthy to people all around but as long as you think it is custom made for you, there is little else that matters. If you are in the right pair of shoes, those that fit you and nobody else only then would you conquer the world. Remember Cinderella? If her shoe was made to fit anybody else but her, would she ever be Cinderella? She conquered the heart because that shoe was hers and hers alone. You know why the shoe has been assigned such important roles time and again in famous quotes and fairy tales? Because your shoes make you who you are.

Don’t believe me? A famous saying goes, “You can judge a man by his shoes.” It might have just meant the leather and the style of the shoe too. But it means much more. So step in your shoe and conquer the world. The world there is in need of you and you alone.

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